Ways To Protect the Immune System During Flu Season

That dreaded time of the year always rears its head: flu season. The changing from warm to cold weather, flu season is a time when many adults and children catch a bug from the surplus of germs flying around. Being sick can be a detriment to kids and adults alike: missing school, calling into work, restricted social time, loss of physical movement, and many other negative factors come along with being sick. Even though it is a part of life, there are some things that you can do about this. What are these things? Let’s look at some ways to protect the immune system during flu season. 

man sneezing:Photo by Brittany Colette on Unsplash

Clean Common Surfaces

Our bodies come into physical contact with different objects many times a day: doorknobs, cell phones, counter surfaces, door handles, screens, etc. These different surfaces can be crawling with germs and diseases that we don’t even realize. There are some easy ways to combat this. Spraying down these surfaces with disinfectant spray from time to time will eliminate the majority of harmful pathogens. Another way to protect yourself is to grab a door handle with your sleeve, paper towel, or another similar object — a form of simple barrier. 

Spraying disinfectant: Photo by Towfiqu barbhuiya on Unsplash

Get Some Movement

There are many reasons as to why movement and exercise are important for a healthy lifestyle, one of these reasons is to fight diseases. When we get our blood flowing through our bodies, our internal body temperatures rise. Why is this important? By raising our internal body temperature, we are killing germs and diseases inside of our bodies that can’t handle higher temperatures. Basically, our body can burn off certain germs just from getting our body temperatures up. What you should keep in mind in regards to the Covid-19 vaccination.

Remember Vitamin C

And lastly, it’s important to remember to give your body the nutrition that it needs — especially vitamin C. Yes, other vitamins and minerals help you stay healthier for longer, but vitamin C has amazing benefits to your immune system and auto-immune response. The great thing about vitamin C is that it is in many different foods. Most people think fruits like oranges and lemons, but even potatoes are rich in vitamin C. You may also take supplements and powders to be mixed in water or supplementary injections from ThriveMD. Just be careful to not overindulge in vitamin C, as an overabundance of any substance can be bad for the body.