4 Reasons Why it’s Important to Get Regular Eye Exams as a Traveller

Travelling is astonishingly fun and you have a lot of stories to share with your family and friends afterwards. In order to make sure that all those stories are happy, and they don’t involve any emergency hospital admission, you should take good care of your health. 


It is a paradox that a lot of travellers do not pay the necessary attention to their eyes even though they wouldn’t be able to marvel at all the breathtaking historical monuments and beautiful landscapes they visit without them. 

close up of eye:Photo by Amanda Dalbjörn on Unsplash


The general rule is that everyone should have their eyes tested every two years. However, if the optometrist advises for more frequent tests and visits, then this is what you should do. Especially if you’re travelling a lot, you should ensure that your eyes are in good condition. Below you’ll find the four most common eye problems that people face while travelling and they could have prevented them if they had been to their eye doctor.


  1. Risking your life


If you can’t see very well, it can be difficult to explore a city that you have never been to before.  Tripping, falling down and twisting, or even breaking your ankle is very common. And even more serious accidents may occur if you can’t really see your surroundings. In order not to take unnecessary risks, you can either go to your optometrist to prescribe glasses or visit arisvisioncorrection.co.uk in Southampton in order to book an appointment for a vision correction surgery so that you can see clearly again. 


  1. Eye diseases


If you don’t get your eyes tested regularly, then you may develop a serious eye disease. You won’t be able to wander around a vibrant city or a picturesque village if you are writhing in pain because  you didn’t detect one type of glaucoma when it was still at an early stage. If you had gone to your eye doctor and had been examined, you could have prevented the glaucoma or some other kind of eye disease from developing. 


  1. Overall health


Besides all the vision-related issues, when you get your eye tested, you can get a better picture of your overall health. All of our body parts are interconnected, and this is why we can tell that there is something wrong with one organ by examining another one. To be more specific, an eye exam can catch diabetes, cancer, heart diseases and more. 


  1. Allergies


Another way that your eyes contribute to your overall health is by giving you signs that you are allergic to something. If you come in contact with something that you have always been allergic to or that you have recently developed an allergy to, your eyes will probably start tearing and get all red and puffy. You should definitely find out what this thing that you have an allergy to is so that you can avoid it wherever you are