4 Tips for Planning Shore Excursions in Europe

Cruises are a popular alternative option for people who enjoy travelling but want to try something new, something different from flying and booking a hotel room. 


Getting to watch the vastness of the blue sea, enjoying the ship facilities and sleeping at a cozy cabin sounds like a dream for sea lovers

Cruise ship at sea at sunset:Photo by Alonso Reyes on Unsplash

 However, it is crucial that cruises offer activities that travellers can fill their time with while they make a stop at land. The package with all the activities that passengers get to do and all the sights they get to see when the ship berths at a port and they are free to explore the land is called a shore excursion. And as you can imagine, shore excursions are important because they allow travellers to take full advantage of their trip as they get to not only see a lot of beautiful towns and cities but also explore them. 


Below you will find four amazing tips in order to plan the best shore excursions in Europe. 


Tip 1: Hire a tour operator


A tour operator is a crucial part of a cruise and this is why it is part of the b2b tour services with travelwayeurope.com. Having an experienced tour operator to plan and organise shore excursions guarantees that passengers will have the right amount of time to visit the most popular tourist attractions of every city or town that their ship makes a stop at and to learn as much as they can about this place. Either the shore excursion is included in the cruise or it is offered at an added cost, the tour operator will have conducted the necessary research in order to make sure that the passengers’ money is well-spent. 


Tip 2: Time to stretch their legs


You will have to be a bit careful with the first tip because you don’t want to fill all the time passengers have on the land with tours and sightseeing activities. Give them some time to sit at a cute little coffee shop at the centre of a beautiful coastal town, to drink a refreshing beverage and relax while they finally feel their feet touching the ground. 


Tip 3: Make sure that everyone knows the time when the ship sails again


The passengers should have a physical or digital copy of the timetable with all the stops of the ship. Additionally, they should be advised to return on board at least thirty minutes before the time of sail in order to make sure that no one is left behind and that you don’t fall behind schedule. 


Tip 4: Passengers bonding together


One way to ensure that a cruise, or any kind of a trip for that matter, is successful is by organising activities that allow people to meet each other, socialise and share memories and experiences. Meeting people that you feel comfortable around and even keeping in touch after the end of your holidays will stamp this cruise indelibly in your memory.