How to speak to your children about the risks of vaping?

It is a fact that children are more involved in vaping and drugs these days. We need to stop them because addiction to such things leads to severe problems. Our kids should know the consequences of vaping so they would be able to stay away from such things. 

Regulatory authorities should also step forward to create awareness and prevention. Here, we have elaborated some suggestions that can help you speak to your children regarding the risks of vaping. 


Talk to them

The first important thing is to talk to your children. Unfortunately many parents are so busy with their jobs and life that they are not aware of what is going on with their children. Vaping  is a topic that should be discussed with children so they are aware of the dangers and consequences  of vaping. You should tell them about how it can affect your lungs , teeth, overall health and ultimately, it damages mental peace too. 

 Try to understand if your child is involved with this. If they are, then as a parent you should figure out a plan to help them. At such a young age it is not good to be addicted. Bringing up this topic can be difficult so tread lightly when speaking to your child. 


Tell Them Reasons 

Sometimes as a parent, you cannot impose your own personal preferences on your child, especially if they are a teenager. If you ask your child to quit vaping, elaborate on the reasons too. He will understand better if you tell him the side effects of vaping and how it will affect him long term. If you give him this information, you are treating him like an adult so he can make an educated decision, even if you try to sway it to follow your opinion. 


Share Social Issues 

Vaping is not only about health only but could also be about social issues. Tell them about things that are included in social issues like loss of respect, impulsive behavior, and less likely person in the friend's circle. 

When you explain that there are larger ramifications, like these social issues to your child, it may make it easier for him to change his path. Children do not take their health seriously but when it comes to social circles, they do take things seriously. 


Teach Them to Say No 

When a child knows how to say no, he won’t accept vaping offers from his friends. It is obvious that children have to socialize with friends and in that circle, they may get offers like drugs and vaping. So, if they know how to survive in social gatherings without accepting vaping offers, they’ll keep themselves away from such things. 


Be Straight 

Sometimes, polite behavior with children doesn’t work as if they are stubborn. You can be open and straight with the child so he might try to change his habits.  However, a strict attitude doesn’t mean to hit a child; rather, you'll need to change the tone and tell them how it is without sugar coating the facts. 


Keep an eye on them 

You should keep an eye on the activities of your child to know what type of activities he is involved in. It will help you take relevant action and the child won’t be able to lie. It is also vital to make a child realize that he is under your surveillance and that should make them feel somewhat accountable for their actions..


Do Not Allow Them to Attend Night Parties 

If your child is below 16, you should not allow him to attend parties in clubs. At these parties there is a lot of bad things going on such as smoking, drinking, vaping and maybe drugs.  


Being a good parent means setting limits for your children but also  giving them the tools to make the right decisions in life. Focus on teaching them how to understand the difference between right and wrong and how to nvaigate it.