Modern Office Designs, Features, and Trends

The modern office is seeing a significant change in both appearance and usage. In the modern world, employees are looking for an office space that offers extreme flexibility, great comfort elements, and highly technical additions that make work more accessible and streamlined.

Today's typical offices are managed by teams that understand the support structures that great employees need to be successful. As a result, offices that incorporate modern features and trends transform right before our very eyes. 

This guide can help you implement some of these changes in your own office if you don’t know where to start. Supporting employees in their daily tasks and emotional needs is crucial to getting the best possible results every day. Building that perfect workspace is easier than you might think with these great ideas.

Consider new calling and connectivity upgrades for seamless customer contact.


Connectivity upgrades that include an auto dialer or predictive dialer can give your customer service team the boost it so desperately needs. Auto dialing software has come a long way in recent years, and with the introduction of cloud-based calling options, like those offered by Bright Pattern, companies looking for a change can find it at a steep discount. 

Older, physical hardware-based dialers were cumbersome to install and came with an expensive price tag. Today, businesses are taking advantage of all the benefits that cloud systems can offer, and many have made the switch to cloud calling systems to lock in a raft of fantastic benefits. 

Outbound call operations, phone number recording, and even some of the most simple tasks within a contact center have been revolutionized to present optimized sales team members with all the analytics, preview data, and script options they need to conduct quality contact center operations from any location. 

The call center has seen a transformation in recent years with the rise of CRM and other integrations. With cloud-based auto dialers, call center employees gain essential tools that make working as a live agent and caller more enjoyable.

The cloud model is transformative in the world of business. In today’s modern office space that has to account for continuing hybrid work layouts due to the coronavirus pandemic, the ability to move work to the home office or build teams that can work in a variety of different locations simultaneously is a must. 

Cloud-based predictive dialer packages offer this and much more to the brand seeking to care for their customer needs while also maintaining an office that is receptive and responsive to the requirements of staff members who may be seeking accommodations for preexisting conditions, positive test results that bar them from the workplace for days or weeks at a time, and the simple yet intense stress that has continued to dominate our communities throughout the pandemic era.

Decorations are transforming in the modern office.

plants on wooden unit

Many offices used to incorporate static art along their walls and halls. These were meant to inspire great motivation among staff members. Everything from landscape artworks to the generic motivational posters once adorned countless walls within the past office buildings. 

Today, many managers are opting for plants instead of hollow artwork to create a more calming and productive environment. Having real plants delivered can generate far better responses among staff members than stuffy reprints. With the addition of great greenery, the addition of an oxygen-boosting natural filter comes into play as well.

Plant life is a great stress reducer, and studies have shown that spending time outdoors in nature can help relieve high blood pressure, stress, and more. Improving your mood is a matter of perspective, and bringing these wellness-boosting creations of nature into the office can dramatically change that perspective for the better.

If you're looking for a change in the office, consider these integrations for the best results possible.