Are Home Solar Panels Worthwhile?

What greater joy could there be than free electricity in your home? Thanks to recent developments in solar power, this is now an attainable goal. While it is true that such a system can bring great freedom, the cost of such an installation is inescapable. Your budget will affect how much you can invest in solar, so it is best to learn as much as you can upfront. 

solar panels on bungalow roof:Photo by Vivint Solar on Unsplash

 What are the pros?

Even in a small way, going green is an excellent way of reducing your impact on the planet, and choosing renewable energy is one of the best ways to do this. The beauty of renewable energy is that the sun is an inexhaustible resource, which cannot run out, unlike fossil fuels. Installing home solar panels is an excellent investment in both the earth and your home. 

Despite what solar panels cost, the savings you can realise over time are significant. Starting with seeing a huge difference in your monthly electricity bills, all the way through to recouping the cost of the installation over time, this is a true investment in the future of the world and your home.  

In Orange County, the installation can be a fuss-free job with the help of an accredited installer from a solar company in Orange County. One of the huge bonuses of installing solar panels is that you need not apply for any form of council permission to install them, so hit that search button on “Solar installation companies near me”, and let’s get the ball rolling!


Save some for a rainy day.

Despite what you may think, solar panels are not just for the summer days. Even when the sun is not shining at its brightest, you can still be assured of a strong and solid electricity supply with your solar panels. If you live in an area where sunlight is inconsistent, there are further solutions to help you make the most of the power you have generated.  

Solar panels with sun setting behind:Photo by Nuno Marques on Unsplash

Although some people choose to use the power as it is generated, in other words, where the system yields energy during the day, at night, in the darkness, the household would switch to grid power. This need not be the case. You also have the option to link your system to a battery pack to power your home at night or during times of inclement weather. 

If you connect your solar power generating system to the grid, you stand to benefit from many rewards schemes that certain councils and utility service providers have in place. Consider the option of net metering, where you can feed some of the power your system has made back into the grid and be credited for it!


A final note about home solar panels

Although the supposed negatives of installing a system such as this are negligible, the price factor is, of course, one that people struggle with. However, consider that many solar installers do offer financing setups, which will allow you to pay off your system in instalments over time as required. 

NB IN the UK some householders (homeowners and private tenants) may be eligible for government support for solar power installations. Contact your local council to see if you could benefit from the scheme)