The Quick And Easy Way To Add Stripes To Your Walls

Our home is the most cherished place. We want to make it appealing and aesthetically

incredible so that everyone ends up saying, “Wow.” However, painting and repainting don’t have

the power to add depth to the walls. They fill with colours that aren’t interactive at all. Will you like to

live under a roof with blank walls that feel depressing after a while?

Photo by George Pagan III on Unsplash

If you want to add personality to your walls, adding stripes is the easiest. That’s a good way to

make a style statement. If you think we are talking about painting stripes on your wall, you are

highly mistaken. Using peel and stick wallpaper is the best way to transform your interiors within

no time dramatically.

The best part is that you don’t have to stick to traditional ways to make the process rewarding.

You can try different ways to add stripe wallpaper to your walls. So, are you all set to discover an easy

decorating solution? Let’s find out.

Create a gallery wall by framing the wallpaper

This is great if you want to add stripes and have no idea whether it will be okay to inject the pattern into an entire wall. You can opt for a wallpaper design and create a gallery in your living room. Just

frame the designs and use a white mount to create a more formal effect. You can use different

patterns in a similar color palette to give it a more unifying look.

For example, you can use dots and dashes, woven stripes, stacked lines to create a look using

simple frames. You can order striped peel and stick wallpaper samples and make this look. Isn’t

this easy and simple?

Go for an accent wall design using stripes

Think of your wall as a blank canvas. There are so many decorating possibilities. Those white

and empty walls are just calling out for something more. You can add warm colors to them by

creating an accent wall with easy stick wallpaper. For example, you can turn your child’s hobby

room into a studio using striped wallpaper to create an accent wall.

Use the wallpaper to frame a wall in the living room

If your living room is all about high ceilings and picture rails, you can use that to your advantage.

You can create a frame for your room using striped wallpaper. It will allow you to break the

space. Choosing a bold stripe pattern above and below the picture rail will give your room a

more cohesive look.

Opt for wall paneling using a wallpaper

Why leave the walls around the staircase simple and boring when you can quickly bring them to

life? You can create a wall panel using a design pattern that remains aligned with the theme of

the area. You can measure the size of each section and cut the wallpaper to the same size. You

will completely change the vibe of your room or space with just one simple change.

So, are you using wallpaper to add stripes to your wall?