Five great career options for nurses

Nursing has traditionally been one of the most important avenues within the medical health sector. Not only does it take a hands-on approach in the care process, but it supports physicians and surgeons wherever they need it. 

Nurse wearing theatre scrubs holding stethoscope

Furthermore, it ensures that each patient gets the attention that they deserve.

However, some nurses rarely get the chance to explore ventures that could help build their careers. Far too many nurses remain stuck in the same roles for years and sometimes decades. 


Though the gist of their work remains the same, the fact remains that every working professional wishes the best for their career and would do whatever they can to get ahead.

This article aims to talk about some of the most common career options that provide the potential for nurses. By the end of this article, you should have 

a better idea of which sub-avenues in nursing. 


You can consider these to escape your career rut and move towards bigger and better ventures. Here are some great career options for nurses.


Standard nursing practitioners in care facilities

When you think of a nurse, this is probably the standard image that comes to your mind. Most nurses opt to work in hospitals and care facilities, which seems to be the go-to option. 


Indeed, there will always be a place for a nurse in hospitals, hence why most nursing grads jump at the opportunity to work in said facilities. However, growth remains an issue if you don't have the academic credentials. 


With that said, it's easier than ever to pursue higher degrees and grow in your field. Seeking an online RN to BSN degree is more accessible than ever; more and more nurses are jumping at the chance to study remotely.


Hospitals and care facilities will always remain constants. However, it would be best to enter these facilities if you truly care for your work. 


Please don't see them as the remaining options when nothing else comes through. Nursing is a field that requires the utmost empathy and care for your job.


Psychiatric nurses

Another major avenue that many people might not consider is psychiatric facilities. Most nurses can segway into a rehab/psychiatric care facility if they think they have the relevant experience.

Another major reason to consider the shift towards rehab is that most facilities desperately lack qualified nurses. 


One needs to understand that these facilities play a crucial role in society, and it would be tragic if they could not do what they have to because they were short-staffed. 


If you want to pursue other options with your nursing degree, consider moving out of traditional care facilities and playing a role in rehab. 


There is a chance for better career growth, but there you stand, an opportunity to learn more than you might have initially anticipated.


Geriatric nurses in adult care facilities

Another avenue that is always looking for fresh nursing talent is that of geriatric facilities. As individuals age, many need to be taken care of in these facilities. 


Though most of them may not have serious medical issues, the fact remains that the short number might need medical attention. 


Nurses provide most medical attention to ensure that the residents receive their meds and general checkups on time.


Moreover, if any of them have medical emergencies, nurses can provide the necessary first aid to help manage the situation and ensure it doesn't get out of hand.


The job can, however, be a bit tough. Dealing with older people often involves hearing a fair deal of complaints and concerns that they might put forward. 


Moreover, these facilities see a significant degree of death; therefore, this might not be your thing if you have trouble processing grief.


Army/ Military Nurses

Nurses have played a huge and profound role during wartimes. Perhaps the most famous nurse in history is Florence Nightingale, who saved hundreds of lives during the Crimean War.

Even today, the medical corps is one of the most important branches of the military. Not only do they prepare soldiers about how to handle injuries and struggles on the battlefield, but they tend to have larger and more severe issues when the soldiers can't handle it themselves. 


Army nurses have and always will be priceless members of the armed forces. If they ever want to come back into private nursing, the option remains open.

However, it's important to note that you would probably receive military training and need to know how to hold your own if you were in a precarious situation. If Bootcamp doesn't sound like your thing, you may want to reconsider this as an option.


Nurses in administration

One of the most common misconceptions surrounding the idea of nursing is that nurses solely practice medicine throughout their careers. 


Though most of them would indeed engage in this line of work, the truth remains that many opt for other roles within hospitals and care facilities.


Many nurses aspire to practice and move into management. Spending years and even decades tending the patients and playing an active part in their rehabilitation can be exhausting and extremely draining. 


Many nurses chose to move towards a nursing manager or floors care manager. This detaches them from the hands-on aspect of nursing but does not entirely remove them from the field. 


If they ever want to lend a helping hand or advise recruits on how to go about things, they can do so while still playing a less active role in healthcare.



There we have it; some of the most common yet promising careers you could consider if you have a background in nursing. Not only are these great career moves, but they can be fairly financially rewarding if that's your thing.

We have talked about everything from standard nursing to the administrative aspect of nursing. We think that these career options can and should be considered if you want to branch out and diversify. You need to put your career first and focus on growth at all times. 


Though nursing is an extremely noble field, it can cause career stagnation if you aren't careful. Therefore, don't let it get to you; keep your options open and seek out the right opportunities when they come your way.