5 Ways To Create A More Cosy Home

Our home is our sanctuary, we all want to be able to come home and feel at ease, but sometimes our homes are lacking that something to help them feel cosy and warm. In this post, we will be exploring some of the different ways you can help make your home feel cosier and more inviting, so you can unwind after a long day. 

cosy home:Photo by Roberto Nickson on Unsplash


Lighting is one of the best ways to help your home feel more comforting and inviting. Bright, white lighting can make it difficult for us to unwind and can even give some people headaches. Using warmer toned, lower lighting will help to make a room look far cosier. Great ways to add this effect to a room include using warm-toned lightbulbs and adding lamps and other forms of low lighting rather than using the main light. Fairy lights are also a great way to make a space feel much cosier and can be bought as either indoor or outdoor lights to be used in your garden as well as inside. 

Scented Candles 

Another element that can make a home feel tranquil and relaxing is scented candles. Not only do candles give a warm, inviting glow to a room, but they can also help to give off welcoming and relaxing scents. Whether you want to make your home smell like fresh linen or like you’ve been baking gingerbread, you can find a range of different scents to compliment your home. If you want to discover a wide range of beautifully scented candles, then you can see the Shearer candle range here.

person lighting candles:Photo by Noelle Australia on Unsplash

Furnishings And Textures 

The furnishings and textures you choose to use in your living spaces can make a big impact on the feel of a house. Adding soft furnishings and warmer textures such as furs and soft kinds of cotton can help to make rooms look cosier and more inviting, especially for rooms where you want to relax such as your sitting room. Adding cushions and throws gives extra textures and comfort to seating areas, as well as giving you the opportunity to add style details. 

Add Rugs 

Especially if you have hardwood or laminate flooring, adding a rug can really help make a space look and feel more comfortable. Particularly during the winter months, hard flooring can make a room feel colder, so adding a soft rug will really help to warm up a room. You can either choose a plain rug that doesn’t overpower other decorations in the room or something with more of a pattern and bold design to help style a room. 

Add More Natural Materials 

Using more natural materials to decorate your home can help to create a more cosy setting with a tranquil, calming tone. One of the best natural materials to use is wood, as it’s so diverse and can be added in a number of different ways. For example, wood panelling can help add features to decorate your walls. Or if you want to add more subtle natural detailing, you can use wooden ornaments or pieces of furniture.