Rocky Mountain Moab to Denver

Train Tours
Tours by train are a unique way to tour the country today, it is different than riding in a car or traveling by airplane. If you travel by train, there are things that you can see that you would not be able to see by car or plane. There are many train tours in the country, you just must find one that is best for you to see the sites you want to see. 

There is one train tour that you need to check out to see if they have the tours that you want. This one train tour company is one that travels through the southwest. This company is called Rocky Train Vacations and they offer train tours through the southwest. There are many tours they offer, including one tour from Moab, Utah to Denver, Colorado. This is a fun trip to take with many things to see and do along the way. 

Moab to Denver

The Moab to Denver train tour is the return trip from Denver to Moab, and there is actually more than one tour that you can take. There is one that is a two-day trip, a four-day trip, a five-day trip, a six-day trip, and an eight-day trip from Moab to Denver. Some offer extra days in Moab and Denver, some add stops along the way, and some have a combination of both of those. You can guarantee that you and everyone in your party will have something that is just for fun for them.

Two-Day Trip

The two-day Moab to Denver train tour starts in the afternoon of the first day, and you will travel until evening when you will stop in Glenwood Springs. The next morning, you will continue on to Denver after having many sites to see during the day. Along the way, you will see canyons, such as the Glenwood Canyon outside the city of Glenwood Springs and the Gore Canyon. You will also follow the Colorado River as it trails along beside you much of the way. 

Along the way you will also be able to see a lot of wildlife, including bears if you are lucky. You will also go through the Moffat Tunnel, which is six-mile tunnel built by civil engineers and finished in 1928. This tunnel is an historic landmark registered with National Historic Civil Engineering Landmark.

Four-Day Trip

The four-day trip is similar to the two-day trip, you will see many of the same things, and enjoy the same luxurious travel and meals. The difference between these two trips, is that the four-day trip includes a night’s stay in a Moab hotel, and a night’s stay in a Denver hotel. You still get to see the same wonderful site and enjoy a more relaxing tour.

Five-Day Trip

The five-day trip is the same as the four-day trip butincludes an extra day in Moab to explore the sites. You will still enjoy the multiple course meals that are very similar to dining fare on a first-class airline flight. You will also enjoy many drinks and cocktails that are included in your ticket price. The five-day trip will allow you to explore Moab more extensively. You will love to have the extra time to explore.

Six-Day Trip

An extra day is added in both Moab and Denver for the six-day trip for exploring the cities and surrounding areas. While in Moab, maybe you will visit the nearby canyons and arches that the city is famous for. Learn more about Moab at this website: Denver, you can take a tour of the city and learn more about the Rocky Mountains while you are at it. Both cities are great cities to visit, and you cannot pass up a chance to see them both. 

Eight-Day Trip

An extra two days on the train are what awaits you on the eight-day trip. This gives you more time to take in the views around you as you travel. See more of the canyons and the arches, see more wildlife, and enjoy more extravagant meals and drinks. You will have extra time to see all the sites in the cities, as well. Moab and Denver are awesome cities to visit. See here for more information about Denver. You will enjoy them both very much while visiting them.


There are many sites to see on the train from Moab to Denver, and it is an exciting tour to take. You will see the canyons and the arches, go through the Moffat Tunnel, visit the wonderful cities, and just have a good time. You will also get to see the Colorado River as it flows near you for much of your journey. 

Do not forget about the wonderful meals and drinks that you will also be able to partake in. The meals that have multiple courses, and the extravagant drinks that are a part of your ticket. This is a wonderful trip that is not expensive for you to take compared to other similar trips.

 For a train tour, you just have   back and relax and let everyone else do the work for you. The train tours are a very relaxing way for you to see the southwest part of the country. By taking the trip by train you will see parts of the country that you would not see otherwise. These things are still mostly untouched by humans and are magnificent to look at. The arches and canyons have been around for many centuries and hopefully will be here for centuries to come.

If you have any questions about the train tours and the cost of the tours, you can check out the website above and get more information about the trip that you want to take. Besides the trips from Moab to Denver, there are also tours to Salt Lake City and Las Vegas. You will be guaranteed a great time on any of these tours.