How Do I Style Wide Leg Jeans?

Although pretty much any style of jeans are on trend at the moment you might have noticed that wide leg jeans are proving particularly popular, especially among the most fashionable youngsters. However some people are unsure how to style this shape, especially if you are short or not extremely slim.

The good news is pretty much anyone can pull off this look with a little care with the specific shape and styling - what you wear with these jeans can vastly affect how good they look with your body shape.

Many people believe it's best to team this looser style of jeans with a tighter top. 

Teaming wide leg jeans with corset tops for women or a top with a corset over it can look very stylish and works very well for those who have a few lumps and bumps which a corset can smooth out. Dont worry about lacing or being uncomfortable - fashion corsets are generally easy to fasten and wear. You can wear corset style tops alone, over sweaters or even sweatshirts or a nice T-shirt or blouse making your wide jeans look smart.

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Choose lower cut jeans and team the outfit with wedges or heels if you are on the short side (like me!) to give the impression of l longer legs and to avoid making your torso look too short. However high waisted styles can help balance the look for people with short legs and long torsos. 

If you are tall don't be afraid to add heels but for casual chic try teaming your wide leg jeans with stylish sports-style trainers or canvas lace up trainers.

If looking smart is something you are concerned about, or you aren't keen on the feel or look of denim you don't actually have to choose denim wide leg pants to be on trend right now. Dress the look up for work or play by opting for wide legged casual pants in any number of fabrics and finishes.

Many offices and nightspots have a "no denim" policy but you can still rock your fave look by choosing cotton, satin or silk, polyester.... the list goes on. Choose pants like the ones from SOLADO pictured below which are perfect to take you from the office to a bar and have spandex built in for a fit which won't lose its shape.

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Accessories can be very important when wearing wide leg pants if you want to avoid the look being super casual. Bling up your life with big earrings, a statement necklace or mix and match bangles. A nice belt can also really finish the style - my daughter has just ordered a gorgeous gold chain "moon and stars" metal belt which goes with everything from jeans to prom dress.

As I mentioned before, your choice of shoes will very much dictate how the overall look presents. A smart top, clean pressed jeans and a fab updo will be ruined with grubby runners or worn down thongs. 

Comfort can be important (it is to me) but clean shoes (and feet) say a lot about you. Oh and check your nail varnish on your toes too before striding out in open toe shoes or sandals - if it's chipped take it off or at the very least do a quick repair job.

You may still be reading this and thinking wide leg pants are not for you on the basis that you tried one pair on at the mall and hated them. Trust me, there's a pair out there for everyone. You just have to find the shape and style to suit you.

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I have slim ankles I like to show off so have opted for a cropped pair of dark denim with a simple elasticated waist. I found jeans with the traditional fastening of button and fly zip was too bulky whereas an elasticated style sits cleanly so I can wear tops over my wide jeans rather than tucked in.

Actually wearing baggy tops with wide leg jeans is a vibe many people enjoy- lots of teens I know carry this off particularly well. 

Thankfully nowadays pretty much anything goes and we are not anchored to what the runways and fashion magazines tell us is in or out. So if you can find a pair of wide leg jeans or pants you love try them on with everything in your wardrobe and be amazed at what will work with this versatile style.

Use wide leg jeans or pants as the prime piece in a capsule wardrobe and buy tops, jackets, shoes and accessories to make them versatile for every occasion and all weathers.

Mix patterns and textures, layer up or even go double denim - fashion is meant to be fun and there really are no hard and fast rules to follow. Why not go now and see how you can build your look to be both on trend yet unique.