Roll-Off Dumpsters vs. Dump Trailers: Which Are More Suitable for Your Project?

Home remodeling and clean-out projects should never be stressful. Luckily for homeowners, there are a variety of dumpsters to use to help dispose of debris and items from their homes. Whether it's a roll-off dumpster or a dump trailer, there is an option for every clean-out project's disposal needs.

Photo by Ariungoo Batzorig on Unsplash

Differences Between Roll-off Containers and Dump Trailers

So, what is a dump trailer? A dump trailer is a small container on wheels similar to a small trailer for a pick-up truck. They attach to the back of an SUV, truck, or other vehicles with trailer hitches and can then be pulled to the dump to dispose of unwanted items. The dump trailer will have tall walls to hold the trash and debris for safe transit.

A dump trailer can come in sizes ranging from eight (8) to twenty (20) feet in length, with twelve (12) to fourteen (14) being the most common. They open up from a single door or gate for easy access.

So What Are Roll-off Dumpsters?

Roll Off Dumpster Rental is a four-walled container that gets dropped off at the project site and picked up once the project is completed. Roll-off dumpsters benefit construction and renovation projects that involve large amounts of refuse and debris.

Roll-off dumpsters come in sizes between Fifteen (15) and Forty (40) yards capacity. Roll-off dumpsters get dropped off at the project site on the scheduled rental date. Once the renovation project is completed, the dumpster will get picked up. If the dumpster is filled with debris ahead of schedule, it can be emptied and replaced.

Which Type Fits Your Needs Best?

There are pros and cons to any service or product. Researching roll-off dumpsters and the companies that rent them can help make the decision easier. Let's read some pros and cons of roll-off and dump trailer rentals.

Pros of roll-off dumpsters

· Zero dump trips

· Ground-level site placement

· No repairs or maintenance

· Zero waste removal

Cons of roll-off dumpsters

· One roll-off per site/project

· Steel wheels are rough on property

· Difficult to move once in place

 Pros of dump trailers

· Easy to move

· Rubber wheels do not damage the property

· Can handle multiple project site trips

 Cons of dump trailers

· A CDL license may be required to haul a trailer

· Requires time and effort to unload at the dump

· Requires trips to a landfill during business house

Deciding which of the two will fit the project's needs can often be difficult without the experience of a professional helping. When deciding which one will be the best hauling capacity, comparing their weight limits can help. A Twenty (20) yard dumpster will hold up to 6,000lbs, while the same project could require one or more dump trailers to accomplish. By comparison, Forty (40) yard dumpsters can hold up to 12,000lbs, or the same capacity as two or more dump trailers.

What Does Your Project Need?

Every home is different, and no two clean-outs will be the same. Renting the correct size dumpster is crucial to having a hassle-free clean-out project. Rely on professional dumpster rental professionals to help determine which dumpster will best suit the project's needs. Roll-off experts are happy to help guide homeowners to the solutions that meet their needs.