Calecim Professional Multi Action Cream Review

Calecim Professional Multi Action cream with rejuvenating conditioned media is designed for skin showing signs of ageing. After a summer of sunny days, windy walks and too many late night barbecues and al fresco parties my skin was definitely showing signs of ageing. Deepening wrinkles, blemishes appearing especially across any cheeks and a distinctly crepey neck left me feeling all my 50+ years when I looked in the mirror. I was happy to accept a gifted trial of what looked like the perfect skincare product for me.


I usually use a mid-range selection of products  - serum and day cream plus a nighttime serum which normally works quite well but a summer of fun and multiple holidays left me looking distinctly jaded.

The Dermoi! Calecim Professional multi-action cream arrived in early September and my first thoughts about the product were that it smelled pleasant and felt luxuriously creamy. 

The info on their website said regular use works to improve signs of skin laxity, loss of facial contours, and diminished skin fullness, visibly smoothens deep wrinkles and facial creases and enhances skin health and resilience.

I have used the cream regularly since then and feel I've given it a fair trial and I am very pleased with it. My neck and the skin around my mouth in particular has benefitted from the carefully sourced and compiled ingredients, and although the blemishes on my cheeks haven't completely disappeared I feel they are less noticeable. My skin feels tighter and I feel my jaw line is more defined - less saggy.

Close up I still have wrinkles but my primer seems to work better over my moisturised skin and I generally feel I look refreshed. Check out the pic below, taken mid-way through the trial. I'm with my friend and this picture was taken VERY early in the morning on the Eurostar train. I think considering I had to get up at 5am I look fantastic! No filter, no makeup.

Fast forward to October and I feel my face is protected from potential damage from wind, cold autumn winds and drying central heating. My skin looks bright and clear and I feel I look less of an ageing crone.

The formulation of this anti-ageing cream is all very scientific but basically, with age the skin loses its ability to heal from wounds and sun damage. ​ This is because with age, many cell types decrease in number and their functions slow down. This correlates with an increase in wrinkles, hyperpigmentation and sagging in the skin. ​ 

The cream contains proteins from stem cells which have the ability to build new cells, tissue, and to mediate functions of the skin – helping to repair the skin.

I did some research and I'm glad to report the stem cells used by Calecim are collected from post birth discarded umbilical cords from free ranging red deer, organically and ethically raised in New Zealand. Calecim do not use animals in testing and in fact as a company are fervently against animal testing.

If you fancy trying Calecim Professional's products for yourself, head to their website where you can read about the science in more detail.

DISCLAIMER :I received a sample of Calecim Professional Multi Action Cream for the purpose of writing this honest review.