Exotic Blends: What You Need To Know About Consuming Them

The marijuana and cannabis market today is full of products ranging across use-cases and categories. From recreational use to prescription products, there are thousands of oils, strains, concentrates, and edibles that customers can find in Canada, which has one of the most relaxed cannabis laws in the world. 

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Apart from hosting one of the largest research facilities based on cannabis healthcare, several homegrown brands have come up with specialized strains to help their customers enjoy the nuanced flavors of these flower buds. 


One of the most exciting products is exotic blends, which can bring the best experience for cannabis enthusiasts. However, why are weed growers targeting growing new exotic blends instead of fast-moving strains? For this, you’ll need to understand the difference between exotic blends and mass-market produce, this blog is the perfect place to start! Let’s get started right away.


1)    Rare hybrids not found easily: One of the aspects that separate exotic blends from the rest of the cannabis products are their availability. You’ll see that blends like gorilla glue, white widow, super kush, and the like quickly go out of stock. This is due to their demand-supply gap. The number of users trying to get a small number of exotic blends often encounters a waiting list since these are rare hybrids engineered specifically for luxurious consumption.


2)    Produced under specific conditions: A lot of affluent personalities and A-listers consume exotic blends regularly. What sets these strains apart from the regular produce is the conditions in which they were cultivated. A lot of research and development goes into the process of creating the perfect combination of a strain. If you look up strains like craft weed online Canada, the process of cultivation provides the perfect flavor, consistency, and THC-to-CBD ratio. These strains may require great care such as the temperature, moisture, irrigation, and lighting conditions until they produce the perfect quality buds.


3)    Highly potent blends: With exotic blends, a little goes a long way. You’ll immediately notice that the claimed benefits and effects take place within a couple of drags. There are no alterations and additives since these are high-grade compositions meant for exclusive consumption. 

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4)    More expensive than regular blends: While weed products and concentrates may come in every price range, finding Canadian craft weed suppliers is an expensive affair. The price also depends on the quality grade, which can be attributed to the smell, taste, and area of concern.


5)    Differentiated physical characteristics: The buds of exotic strains have tangible physical traits that can distinguish them from the other easily accessible blends. There are features like the color, texture, size, and shape of the buds which become the key indicators of the strain’s authenticity, such as the snowcap.


Wrapping Up:

There are several types of exotic blends that can be used for multiple purposes, including stress and anxiety. If you’re interested to know which blend fit your needs the best, make sure to do your research. Since Canada has the best collections of cannabis and marijuana exotic blends, you can reach out to the best dispensaries to get an insight into your options. We hope this blog gave you all the essential information regarding exotic blends and why they’re considered special.