The Hidden Factors in Private Jet Pricing by Edward Simmonds

In years past, when you may have thought about taking a trip aboard a private jet, you may have assumed the pricing associated with such a trip would mean only those who are rich and famous could afford such aviation luxury. However, much has changed in recent years, meaning private jet travel is affordable to almost everyone. Yet when planning a trip via private jet, always consider the many factors that may not always be obvious as you decide.

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You're Billed by the Hour

One of the most common mistakes many people new to private jet travel make is assuming the cost of their trip will be a flat-rate price. You can expect to be billed by the hour for your trip. Thus, your total cost will be the cost per hour multiplied by the number of hours it will take for you to reach your destination. For example, if the hourly rate for renting your private jet is $3,000 and your trip will take four hours, you can expect to pay at least $12,000 for your flight.

Don't Forget the Miscellaneous Fees

With any private jet flight, there will be a variety of miscellaneous fees that will also be included in the final price of your trip. The most common fees you can expect to be part of your trip's cost will be paying for a car rental once you reach your destination, costs for having a catered meal while on your flight, landing fees that can vary among different airports and any state or local taxes that may be required to be included in your trip's final cost.

Type of Jet Used for Your Trip

Always remember that there are many types of private jets from which you can select for your flight. Because of this, it is always best for you to partner with a company that provides you with a private jet cost estimator that makes it easy for you to select the best type of jet for your journey. Whether you choose a turboprop jet that is more economical or instead opt for a larger jet, such as a Gulfstream G650, working with a company that makes it easy to calculate your costs will always be best.

Peak Travel Times

If you plan to have your flight occur at a time of year considered within a peak travel time, your trip may cost more than you expected. Generally, peak travel times are any major holidays such as Thanksgiving and Christmas, summer months, and weekends year-round. Since private jets will be in much higher demand at these times of the year, prices for their services may increase. To reduce your overall costs, have a flexible travel plan and work with a private jet charter company to help you plan your trip around the more expensive peak travel times.

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Number of People on Your Trip

When planning your trip, you should include anyone and everyone on your private jet flight. However, as your group gets larger, your flight bill will likely increase. Keep in mind that the more people you will have to accompany you on your flight, this will mean you will need to rent a larger jet that will be more expensive. If you don't want to exclude anyone from your trip, consider this factor when calculating your costs.

Take Advantage of Empty-Leg Flights

If you can, try to take advantage of what is known in the industry as "empty-leg" flights. Should a private jet be chartered only for a one-way trip, it will need to return to its home base without paying passengers on board. If you can find an empty-leg flight that fits your travel plans, the private jet charter company will likely let you have the flight at a significant discount since the company figures that some revenue for a flight is better than none.


Once you understand how these hidden factors can work to your advantage, you can charter a private jet flight at a very affordable price.