A Night Out in the Steel City: Pittsburgh Bar Crawl Edition by Tiffany Jenkins

The steel mills built Pittsburgh, and it has a little of everything when it comes to its nightlife. Steel City offers a unique blend of cultures and experiences that visitors and locals enjoy. Here is an eclectic collection of bar crawl destinations that should be on everyone’s list.

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1. Butcher and the Rye


The first stop on the Pittsburgh bar crawl takes you to the Butcher and the Rye at 212 6th Street. The bar is the place for whiskey lovers. It offers American-style cuisine and a rustic atmosphere. Its eclectic collection of mismatched antique chairs, taxidermied animals on the wall, and antique books make for an interesting experience. What it is most famous for is its massive backlit whiskey wall. This extensive collection includes hundreds of scotches, ryes, and bourbons. Whiskey is king; you can also find many rare bottles in the rows.


2. Le Mardi Gras


Le Mardi Gras at 731 Copeland St. is the “oldest cocktail lounge in the city.” The decor is right out of the 1940s, and you will feel like you have stepped back in time. Watch for the old-fashioned cash register that still works. This bar is everything a vintage cocktail bar should be; its hallmark is that the drinks are strong. You can watch the bartender squeeze your fruit fresh. Guests can also find all the classics here and a fine selection of cigars. You will enjoy their selection if you have been in the mood for a Manhattan, SideCar, Old Fashioned, or Martini.


3. Grist House Craft Beer Brewery


No bar crawl would be complete without at least one craft brewery. The Grist House Craft Beery Brewer at 10 E. Sherman St. is sure to please. It is located in an old slaughterhouse in Millvale, offers a large outdoor space, and has food trucks available. They believe in experimenting and trying new things, but they also offer a wide selection that is designed to have something for everyone, from darks to lights. 


You might want to try favorites like their Hazedelic Juice Grenade, which explodes with citrusy notes or their Dark Nectar Honey Porter. If you are a hophead who knows the difference between a New England IPA and a West Coast IPA, this is the place for you.


4. Allegheny Wine Mixer

Allegheny Wine Mixer at 5326 Butler St. is a low-key, casual wine experience. They encourage you to experiment in a friendly atmosphere that is all about wine education and fun. They have “Hours of Experimentation” instead of the traditional happy hour, which features $4 half pours and deals on meats and cheeses. The best part about this venue is that you do not have to be a wine connoisseur to have fun. They also have an impressive selection of decades-old aged scotch.

5. Hidden Harbor


Hidden Harbor is a fun tiki bar where you can enjoy Polynesian-inspired cocktails and cuisine. It is at 1708 Shady Ave., and there is always something fun to do. They have Dead Wednesday, Tiki Time Machine Tuesday, and an impressive rum collection. Everything about the place is colorful, from the wall decor to the drinkware and cocktails. This is a happy place to unwind from the day’s stresses.

6. Carson City Saloon


The last stop on their ultimate Steel City bar crawl is a Carson Street favorite. The Carson City Saloon at 1401 East Carson Street is a high-energy sports bar with three levels. It is located in the German Savings Deposit Bank building that was built in 1896. You can enjoy college nights and Pittsburgh Game Day traditions inside or on the rooftop deck. They offer all your game day favorites, like local draft beers, mules, and Long Island Iced Tea.


These are a few favorite Pittsburgh bars that capture the Steel City vibe. This list has something for everyone and will take you on a journey that will result in a fun night. It has something from the quirky to a few local favorites that will give you a taste of Pittsburgh's best.