Fresh Tips for a Fresh Mouth On The Go

 Don't you hate that feeling of furry teeth and tongue? Whether as a side effect from medication or after an overnight flight we've all tried the "finger brush" and gum combo which doesn't always fix the issue. And then you wonder if your teeth look grim and/or your breath smells. Especially if you are like me and not a fan of gum.

Recently I discovered Fresh Tips -individually wrapped mini disposable toothbrushes with a handy toothpick built in AND a breath-freshening sugar free minty ring. Perfect for keeping in your bag, car, backpack or even pockets.

fresh tips disposable tooth brushes in packaging

fresh tips disposable tooth brush

Here's the detailed info:

  • DISCREET DISPOSABLE TOOTHBRUSH: Take this disposable travel toothbrush with you anywhere for fast & effective cleaning. Use the soft pick to remove any smaller food particles. There is no rinsing or water required to achieve maximum freshness. 
  • FIGHTS PLAQUE: The xylitol ring has been proven by dentists to fight plaque, prevent tooth decay, and improve overall oral hygiene. 
  • PEPPERMINT FLAVOR: Get fresh breath in 60 seconds with our cool peppermint flavored ring. You won’t ever have to worry about having bad breath in public with Freshtips! 
  • GENTLE BRISTLES: The soft rubber bristles are gentle on the enamel and make brushing a fun experience for everyone! 
  • INDIVIDUALLY WRAPPED BRUSHES: Keep it fresh wherever you are with our individually wrapped toothbrushes. Pack them in your car, at the office, or in your purse before you head out for the evening.

  • I threw some into my overnight bag for a weekend away and found they were quick and easy to use. They won't replace an actual toothbrush long term of course but are very handy for freshen-ups after meals, throughout the day and when you've forgotten your toothbrush! If I ran a hotel or B&B I think I'd add some of these to the bathroom care package.