Rally Road Racers- A New Family-friendly Movie.

 I love a good animation and with modern movies in particular usually working on enough levels to entertain all ages it didn't feel at all weird to head off with the commuters this week to attend a screening of a new offering, Rally Road Racers.

rally road racers Zhi loris

Featuring some big name voices including Chloe Bennet, Catherine Tate and John Cleese this is a jolly little racing romp which isn't packed full of surprises but follows a well tested format very nicely.

Basically Zhi (Jimmy O Yang) is a speedy loris in a village of slow lorises. He's an exceptionally big eyed cute primate who lives with his Granny following the death of his mother and like most youngsters is frustrated by her trying to pass on her wisdom. He just wants to race like his idol Archie Vainglorious, a deliciously evil Cane Toad with a rascally English accent hammed up beautifully by Cleese. 

Gnash - rally road racers

JK Simmons gives life to the ex-racer turned mechanic Gnash who takes Zhi under his wing to help him beat the reigning champion of the rally car circuit and save his village from developers. 

This movie has action scenes, a love story, mild peril, comedy and Minion-like Echos, tiny toads who echo speech and are treated contemptuously as disposable assets by Archie. 

A highlight for me was the a-ha "Take on Me" music video inspired animation of one of the races complete with the song as the soundtrack. I'm not sure how many young viewers will get the reference as the original song came out in 1985 but it made me and a similarly aged journalist next to me at the preview laugh out loud. It also served to glow up what could have been yet another race scene. 

Think Wacky Racers meets Cars and you'll get an idea of why many kids will love this!

Of course there's a moral which only a sleeping Loris could fail to spot lumbering towards the viewer but it didn't ruin a sweet, bright and busy movie with some well developed characters. 

Disclaimer: I attended a preview event for the purpose of reviewing Rally Road Racers. Views remain honest and my own.