How To Hear Ghosts-Book Review

 I love reading. I love actual physical hold-in-your-hands books and never go anywhere without my Kindle e-reader. I am a member of a book club which to be fair is possibly more about sharing food and chat but we do read some books I probably would pass over otherwise.

How To Hear Ghosts book on patterned stool

Recently I was offered the opportunity to review a new book by teacher David Griffiths. He actually wrote "How To Hear Ghosts" as part of a PhD in Creative Writing while attending Manchester Met Uni as a student. It's described as a book for young adults but I am in my 50's and thoroughly enjoyed it. 

I would suggest young adults or keen teen readers (suggested age on Amazon is 13-17 years) as a starting point, especially since they will identify with the pain and awkwardness of teen love and life and adolescent male anxiety, but it also makes an engaging easy read for all ages.  

Here's the official blurb:"In the wake of his mother’s death, 16-year-old Ollie is thrust into the world of his uncle, Dominic Quinn, a renowned stage medium. Communing with the dead runs in Ollie’s family – or so he believes. But as he starts to hear voices in his head, he must confront the possibility that they are no more than a spiral into hereditary madness.

Haunted by the mysterious letter that plagued his mum’s final days, Ollie embarks on a quest for answers. With the help of one of his uncle’s mysterious books and the support of his classmate, Hannah, Ollie delves into the secrets surrounding his mother’s past.

But as he navigates the blurred line between reality and the paranormal, he must face a daunting question: will it make him famous like his uncle, or dead like his mother? In this gripping young adult novel, Ollie discovers that sometimes, the most terrifying ghosts are the ones we carry inside."

How To Hear Ghosts is available from Amazon as a paperback or Kindle E-book.