Waiting, waiting...

I'm waiting in today for a company to come and pick up our old car which is being scrapped.
DH arranged it and then told me they would come to the house at some point between 8am and 4pm.
Of course since he doesn't do school run he didn't think to tell them I would have to leave the house at least twice during the day to deliver and pick up the children. And even if he did I expect they would have shrugged and said;"8-4 is the time slot - deal with it." Only maybe in a more customer-friendly manner.
Old Clocks
Old Clocks (Photo credit: servus)
So I made plan B arrangements for the first school run, got up early to have a shower ( I've learned from experience that according to sod's law, the minute you get in the shower the doorbell rings) and moved the other car all before 8am.
Primary age children were picked up by friend who already has to shepherd four of her own up our pavement-less road ( thanks Jane!)  and I did a bit of tidying. All the time checking out of window.
At 8.52am another friend sent a text asking what I was doing at 12-ish. I explained about the car. She said if they had been she would buy me lunch in return for a lift to the supermarket. As 1
2 approached she called. No sign of car people so she said shed take the bus instead - no worries. No worries for her but I was looking forward to a naughty fast food lunch!
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Golden Arches (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
I settled down with my alternative - a steaming bowl of porridge. Healthy, yes, filling yes, diabetes friendly, yes. But not quite hitting the spot when you are fantasising about a chicken and bacon wrap (no tomato) from the Golden Arches establishment. Yes I'd like fries with that thank you.
Hmmmm. What to do, what to do? Cleaned fireplace and scraped melted candle wax. Spent yet another hour hunting for  neighbours daughters lost book. ( I swear this place has it's own Bermuda Triangle!). Cleaned stuff.
Realised DS7 had watched a LOT of TV so lured him into the kitchen and got him to help me prepare tonights supper. Slow cooker chicken and rice- yum. Felt like a fit mother briefly as he hurled ingredients in and stirred enthusiastically. Asked him if he was looking forward to eating it. He gave me the sort of look reserved for stuff you have to scrape off your shoe and laughed in a snide, sarcastic kind of way. I'll take that as a no then. He retreated back to the TV with his usual lunch of brioche and boiled ham.
The people over the road are having an extension built so annoyingly I kept hearing large vehicles driving down our normally quiet cul-de-sac.  I was jumping up and down every five minutes checking out of the window. Nope. Another delivery for the builders.
As time ticked on towards another school run I gazed out at the sunny day I was missing - a day when the grumpy toddler and I could have taken the roof off my mid-life crisis  cabriolet and zoomed off on an adventure. Oh well, at least supper smelled nice and I could be smug about being so organised.
grumpy watching the action
At 3pm Jane once again offered her child-herding services which was lucky because finally, at 3.35pm, I heard the unmistakeable rumble of a biggish truck.
The children arrived back from school just in time to wave the car off and I gratefully drove my precious Peugeot back onto the drive.
Really I have nothing to complain about. The firm said they would be with me between 8-4 and they were. When he arrived the guy was polite and efficient and I was glad to pocket the cheque he gave me.
It's just typical that  there were so many more exciting ways I could have spent this glorious day. I'm a bit scared to look at the weather forecast for tomorrow but my Spidey-sense tells me it's probably going to rain.
Oh - and the children said the chicken and rice was..... revolting! Think maybe grumpy toddler was a bit heavy handed with the lemon juice bottle so I need to go now and find something else for supper. Fishfingers and chips anyone?

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