Short and sweet or long and tangled?

I had to go back to the dentist yesterday. I actually write this in the time I have before the big extraction event but since my abcess reared its ugly painful head again this week I had to drive back over there to pick up my fourth course of antibiotics.
It was grumpy toddlers day off pre-school so obviously he came with me. And since when we emerged from the pharmacist the sun was shining he asked if we could take the roof off the car.

sporting the pulled through
hedge backward look
As I need little or no encouragement to drive "topless" ( now now!) off it came and on went our cabriolet fashion items.
I favour a Fatface bandeau/wrapround sunglasses combination whilst grumpy prefers the woolly hat approach. I am tenpted to search EBay for a leather flying hat complete with goggles for him but for now his older brothers Arsenal hat does the job.
I have shoulder length hair so unless I wear something on my head or tie it up it whips me in the face and sticks to my lipgloss. But the bandana stops that and is comfortable. I imagine it as a modern-day alternative to the headscarf favoured by stars like Audrey Hepburn who pulled off the cabriolet fashion thing beautifully.
Grumpy with his woolly
hat before he pulled it
completely over his face.
But driving along I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror and winced at my less than stylish appearance - then glanced across at grumpy who had pulled his hat right down so it covered his entire face and most of his neck and burst out laughing!
Here was me imagining other drivers envying my carefree image whizzing along in my fun car with my golden locks fluttering prettily in the breeze. I imagined they must think "Surely that can't be a mother of 7 in her forties?"
Instead I realised I look less like Audrey and more like I've been dragged through several hedges. I have to confess the fringe off face look is not a good one for me and the addition of grumpy with his full-face, hole-free balaclava look sitting next to me just makes us both look a bit mad. Particularly on days like yesterday when actually the wind was blowing a gale and it was bogging freezing!
But am I deterred? No! I did briefly consider having my hair all cut off in a cabriolet-friendly pixie style but since I know from past tragic experience it really is not flattering on me I will stick with the barmy mum having a mid-life crisis mode look. Come on grumpy - find your woolly hat and let's go!
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