Birthday and 100th Blog Post Celebration!

Birthday Cake
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This is my 100th post since I started blogging on January 1 this year and tomorrow is my birthday (all the fours, forty four) so I thought I'd mark both occasions with a bit of randomness. As opposed to the normal sensible, deep and meaningful, educational stuff I normally post you understand. (insert sarcastic laugh here)
I wondered what to write about. I wondered about sharing another inappropriate anecdote - the sort people normally only share after too much falling over juice. I wondered about doing something sensible like my favourite recipe or a poem. But I decided instead to tell you some of my truths, some of  the rules I live by, some of the fundamental facts that make me, me. 
1. Madmumof7 does not share food.
This makes me sound awful. Let me explain - I am a sharing, caring person and a Black Country lass to boot so if you came to my house and I had cake or biscuits or it was anywhere near a mealtime I would probably invite you to eat. I actually suffer from what I have nicknamed "dinner party Tourettes" in that I seem to be always unexpectedly blurting out dinner invites for no particular reason.
No, I don't share food if I have already allocated it to myself. If it's on my plate - it's mine. This works in odd ways. Let me explain in old school maths style. If there are five sausages in the fridge and there are two people (including me) to be fed, how many sausages does each person get? The answer in my house would probably be one for me, four for my visitor. Now. If there are five sausages on my plate and someone else arrives, how many sausages does each person get. Well, I get five and the visitor can just bog off! Get it?
2. Blonde is more than a hair colour.
It's a way of life, a responsibility. Blondes have to have more fun. It's a rule I think. So I do my best to live life to the full. To have fun whenever possible. To be OTT. This has led to some interesting life experiences (and 7 children)
3.When in doubt, quote Dr. Pepper
When I'm not sure, or shy or doubtful about new people, experiences or situations I ask myself; "What's the worst that can happen?" Generally the answer is that I could make a tit of myself, have to restart something or apologise.  It's very rare that the answer to the Dr Pepper question is "You might die." If that is in fact the answer I might then ask myself :"yes but is it worth the risk?"
Usually the answer is "yes", particularly when I'm thinking about eating out of date cream cakes, asking the mad woman in the queue at Tesco if she knows she has a cat in her pocket or wondering if my husband will kill me if I buy yet another Cath Kidston product. The answer is more likely to be "no" if the question involves me taking part in any activity which involves water,  spiders or cheese.
4. I have a need for speed.
Top Gun. Awesome film,  great quote. ( If you don't know it, leave now you are too young to be reading my blog)
I have a need for speed. I speak fast, drive fast, read fast, type fast and think fast. I make up my mind about people fast too and am rarely wrong when I go with my instinct. Once I have made a friend I am loyal for life unless you piss me off one time too many- then be warned I hold a grudge forever.
5. I love love.
I don't bang on about being Christian but for me it's not just a label, it's very much like being a stick of rock, God's love runs through my core. For me, my faith is about all about love. I won't bore you with why or how, it just is.
I love my DH - we have just celebrated our 21st wedding anniversary and we still love to spend as much time as possible together. He is my best friend.
I love my kids. Obviously. But I feel especially blessed to have given birth to 7 total loons with a range of quirks and eccentricities. Have no idea where they get their oddness from. Answers on a postcard please.
1st edition
1st edition (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
I love my friends. I value friendship enormously. Friends are the family you choose. I have some friends I consider my Ya-yas. I read Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood by Rebecca Wells years ago and the idea of friends who share a soul connection no matter their geographic location or time since you saw them struck rang a chord with me. They are the people you meet and feel you have known forever, or even in a past incarnation, those you know "get" you. Take one of my friends as an example - she moved to South Africa almost a decade ago. We speak maybe three times a year. And we just pick up the conversation as easily as if we had coffee together in my garden yesterday.

So there we have it. Some random information about me. And now a thank you. To all of you out there reading my nonsense. Especially those of you regularly follow my blog. And to my loyal friends and patient family members who even put up with featuring in it! 
And the biggest thank you of all to those of you who feed back to me when they have enjoyed stuff I've written-I went to the pub with a group of playground mums the other day and one lady I don't know very well told me she saves my posts for a Sunday morning treat. She said she loves to sit and read the whole week's worth in one go because it makes her laugh. I was so touched and grateful for that - to know for even just one person my writing is something to look forward to makes it all worthwhile. XXX

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