Feeling My Age

My baby half-sister got engaged yesterday. I remember her being born. I remember baking the cake for her 1st birthday party. I remember being disappointed we couldn't have her as a bridesmaid at our
wedding 21 years ago because as a shy toddler she seemed terrified of my then Fiance. The first time she met him she looked at him from behind my auntie's legs and asked; "Why is that man angry at me?"

I lost touch with her for a few years - don't ask, it's complicated - and was delighted when we reconnected when she was in her late teens. She's all grown up and it makes me feel old.
Just got engaged! Cogratulations!
Bizarrely the end of another half term today has had a similar effect. Is it only me that thinks time speeds up as we age? The gap between Christmas's seemed to be an eternity when I was at school but already I'm thinking about how and where we will spend it in 215 days. And the start of term seemed to be only a couple of weeks ago - are we already starting another holiday week?

Parents of course know that holiday time, unlike school time, slows down to a snail's pace. You can check your watch as much as you like but a rainy day in half term definitely has at least 26 hours. And your house shrinks by at least twenty feet.

There's that old joke. You know you are getting old when the police officers you see in the street look too young to be long out of school. More and more I look at people in authority and feel the urge to ask to see their credentials. Junior Doctors look straight out of Junior school.
A cool beijing policeman
A cool (young) beijing policeman
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I was visited recently by one of the children I babysat when I was 16. He's now more than twice that age, almost twice my height and flying planes to holiday destinations. I'm guessing he doesn't need help on the toilet any more.

I really started this awareness of my seniority when I was last on the maternity ward when I was pregnant with Grumpy Toddler in 2008.

Forced to stay in for almost a month before his birth because of the awkward b*ggers lie (transverse and in a kind of starfish shape) I saw many mums-to-be come and go for check-ups, to be induced, in early labour etc. And time and time again I heard them recite dates of birth in the 80s. Since my year of birth was in the 60's I felt like a (pregnant) dinosaur!

I remember the Berlin wall falling, I remember the launch of Channel 4 and five and Sky television in the form of BsB. Walking round the shops I see fashion derived from stuff I wore decades ago. I have a rule - If I wore it the first time, I shouldn't be even considering it now!

I don't mind my physical age though because in my head I'm still a teenager. I don't really feel any different. If anything age has given me unexpected freedom. I rarely worry too much about what most people think of me - I concentrate on those people I consider important to me.

My eldest says I'm beginning to resemble the mad cat lady in The Simpsons. He doesn't say whether he means mentally or physically, but he still seems to love me anyway so that's OK.

So today, despite them making me feel my age, I want to say congratulations to Emma and Sarb. I hope you have as much happiness in your marriage as DH and I enjoy. xxx

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