Nothing to say....

maybe these were why we
were so chatty?
OUR normally quite tranquil village pub was a bit more lively earlier this week when a group of playground mums got together for a mid-week drink and chat.
It was quite a small group, just 7 of us at its biggest. But it included some larger than life characters so it turned into a bit of a party with cackling that could probably have been heard at the other end of the village.
Much of what was discussed obviously could never be revealed on a blog but it struck me reviewing the evening how amazing was the breadth of subjects we covered in just a few short hours.
Piercings, tattoos, embarrassing illnesses, gory storeys from our child-rearing experiences, hairdos, school news, clothing tips, drinking tips and an impromptu lesson in how to pull off a card trick to get free drinks!
Add in holiday stories, chat about shoes, Oompah Loompahs, ankle bracelets, Pinterest, blogging, school dinners and, inevitably, sex, and it was a wonder we stopped talking long enough to drink enough to get as drunk as we did.

My tanned and lovely friend
not looking at all like an
Oompah Loompah.
You had to be there.
Luckily despite the discovery that one of our number owns a piercing gun we sensibly decided against the idea of going back to her house and all getting pierced.
My DH goes to the pub most Sunday evenings and on the one occasion I joined him the conversation was slow and quiet and seemed to feature power tools and sport mostly. Maybe it's because I was there.
Whatever- I have to say I preferred my night out - maybe it was just one of those magical combinations of the right people in the right mood with the right amount of alcohol. Or maybe women really do just have more to say!
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