Step Back in Time

I took my eldest child out to lunch today - to what used to be one of his favourite restaurants - and it made me very nostalgic about his baby days.
DS#1 was a gorgeous baby. Quiet. Slept a lot. Chubby, blonde and adorable. (sorry mate but you were!) He did frequently sport a worried look, especially after his brother DS#2 was born. DS#2 was (is?) livelyand cheeky and loved nothing more than making life miserable for his more laid-back older bro.
I have mentioned previously that I still regularly meet up with mums from the ante-natal group I attended when I was expecting DS#1. When we first met quite a big group of us used to meet for coffee and meals out.
I remember Christmas time years ago - from memory DS#1 was 1 and DS2 was 3 months old. Some of us decided a Christmas lunch out - with babies- would be nice and I booked the restaurant we went to today. I think I booked every highchair they owned.
Can you imagine? It was a big round table with mums, some in varying stages of pregnancy, plus high chairs, plus a few of those carry-car seats sported by those who, like me, had not wasted any time breeding again. And of course the obligatory giant baby-bags.
We must have looked like the party from hell for the staff - there were bits of breadstick, rice cake, raisins and crusts all over the floor. More boobs out than on a Brazilian beach and almost certainly a whiff of dirty nappy hovering over our whole table.
And I won't mention the noise.
I'd like to apologise now to anyone who was there that day trying to enjoy a civilised Yuletide treat, and to the cleaners who had to decontaminate the highchairs when we had gone.
I walked in to the same restaurant today with my son towering above me. The decor had changed but I recognised at least one member of staff which is what prompted these memories I think.
Time has flown - my baby who hated to relinquish his bottle of milk prefers beer in his bottles now and he devoured a burger today that was as big as his head used to be.
He did offer to try and squeeze himself into a highchair for old times sake but settled for showing me how to get the most out of instagram.  Last time I ate there with him I was teaching him how to use his knife and fork properly, now the teacher becomes the student!
Is it the beginning of the end? No highchairs, no childrens menu, no blowing food cold today. But wait! Instead of chat about which Thomas the Tank Engine character is the best and why it's not a good idea to put peas up your nose we had a lovely relaxed chat about apps, our lives and shared jokes. So maybe the beginning of the new beginning. Where I can hopefully sit back a bit, let go a bit and hopefully enjoy being with my children as they grow into adults. Today certainly was a good start!
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