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Today was an average day. I checked the calendar on my smartphone several times before 7am to make sure the children didn't need a Tudor costume/orange wig/homemade flag/bag of snails.
Phew - nothing special today. No WOW days, charity fundraiser days, school council mufti days or school trips today.
Then I checked again. Nope, no PE kit, running club kit, swimming kit required.
Last minute out of the door check - have you all got lunch-bags, school bags, glasses, suncream, sun hats, wet weather gear and arctic survival kit? Well with the "summer" weather the way it's been at the moment you never know what you are going to need in one day do you?

All in the car. I do normally walk but today I had arranged to meet another blogger for coffee so was heading straight off after school run. No, not everyone can sit in the front.
caterpillars survived the day!
Argh! almost forgot the caterpillars. Poor buggers, sweating and probably starving in the inevitable glass jar stuffed with what are almost certainly the wrong leaves. They were destined for a day in the classroom being peered at and poked by curious sticky seven-year-olds.
So I made it to the playground. Bear in mind it's still not even 9am. And the complicated art of arranging playdates begins.

so lonely....
Now I like it when you can co-ordinate dates in advance so all my primary kids have somewhere to go and I don't have to go up to school at all at the end of the day. That doesn't happen very often. What normally happens is you go to pick up and both of the kids nag for a last minute playdate and if the other mother caves (like we all usually do saying;"Well if it's OK with so-and-so's mummy" when what you actually want to say is :"Dear God No - mummy wants to lie down i a dark room and drink Gin)) I end up walking home alone laden down with bags, p.e. kits, craft projects and lunchbags dripping yoghurt. Oh and don't forget the jar of wilting caterpillars.

Today was one of those awkward days where just one of my children was invited somewhere exciting for tea. Cue the "lonely" one dragging his feet and looking longingly at his sister skipping off for sausages or pizza or pasta (the staple food of having other kids over for tea) with her friend. Ignoring the fact that the day before he had been to his friend's house!

As it happens I'm sitting here typing with only two of my seven children at home. The middle bunch spotted their Aunt with her granddaughter heading to the playground and promptly invited themselves along! Marvellous! Peace and quiet for 20 minutes so I'm going to sign off and go and watch something fancy seeing on the TV. Instead of Bubble Guppies, Simpsons or a documentary on pre-war economics.

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