Love, crisps and toilet habits

Grumpy on the Wii with a cushion
which sums up our family ethos behind him
I have been away from my children for a week visiting my mum in Cyprus. I have had a lovely break but was obviously very glad to see my own brood again.
Grumpy Toddler (who is almost five so I really will have to think of another name for him) greeted my entry through the front door with the words:"Can I go on the Wii?". As I laughed he obviously realised what he had said and added: "But can I have a sit-down hug first?"
I know he loves me. But what with the Roman Emperor-esque demands for brioche and milk which renders him quite imperious at times, plus a fairly quirky idea of what constitutes love, most usually demonstrated with a "mwah" kiss followed by a swift wipe of his mouth as if I were the snotty, sticky one. So, he is quite a typical man - not one for hearts and flowers you might say.
We say the L word a lot in our house- well with us being married 21 years and with 7 kids there's obviously been a lot of lurve knocking about for the past few decades!
But today on my first full day home I was particularly touched by two loving moments from the small grumpy one.
The first came as he stood in the doorway of the bathroom watching me on the toilet (apologies but parents will understand that there are no boundaries once you have children).
He eyed me carefully then observed that he was the only boy in the house who sat down to use the toilet. I agreed. He then asked:" Is that why you love me?" As they say in text-speak, LOL!
The second was a declaration from him as I was helping him choose his lunch. His favourite meal consists of brioche, ham, "red" (plain) crisps and a glass of milk. As it's my first day back I thought it would be nice to prepare this for him. Delighted with his feast he tucked in and then proclaimed: " Mummy, I love you more than crisps."
Well I was blown away! High praise indeed!

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