Last Day

6am-Sunlight streams.
Argh! time to blog, to post, to tweet.

7.30am-Breakfast, bags, braids extra bags to carry home precious things from the classroom on the last day.

8am-Hats, water suncream, headcount, have we got a plan? School times change on the last day.

And breathe.

9.30am-Coffee, chat, check watch. It's the last day.

11.30am-Preschool. Magician. Raisins and carrot sticks. Photos. Tears. It really, really is the last day.

And breathe.

12.30pm-Sandwich, cuppa, suncream, hat. Indigestion, exhaustion. Comforts and distractions and a race to church. It's the last day.

1pm- Cool church, cute kids, tissues and tears. Songs of praise. More goodbyes. It's the last day.

1.30pm- Playground chaos. Bags and more bags. Flowers and cards. Waves and hugs. Smiles and yet more tears on the last day.

Walking home in what we hope is the ongoing summer sunshine. Key in the door. Dump the bags. Load the washing machine with all that uniform, PE kits, finally found sweatshirts which have spent the spring term under the stationary cupboard.

And breathe.

It's the last day.

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