Nappies or Diapers?

It's a dummy, not a soother, in the UK.
Let me get something straight from the start. I don't hate Americans. One of my best friends is American and I love his southern drawl. I take the mick out of his accent, and he, mine.

Out of his mouth I love to hear Americanisms.
I don't feel the same when I hear them from my countrymen/women.

My children occasionally lapse. I understand why - they watch TV and since we have satellite TV probably more than half of the stuff they watch originates from the US.
They have grown up hearing elevator, diaper and cookie - so those are the words they sometimes use. It drives me mad.

Lift, nappy and biscuit - unless it is one of those biscuits that by virtue of it's recipe actually is a cookie. With choc chips in obviously. I am the first to drool at a the thought of that famous ice-cream with cookie dough in. Although I largely avoid the icecream and just eat the soggy wet cookie dough.
Grumpy is very attached to his dummy. I don't mind him calling it his me-me but luckily have never heard him refer to it as a soother.

I have a confession. I do love the American phrase; "Bite me" I can't find the origin but the sentiment is clear without being overtly vulgar.
And I love to hear DS#2 playing with her friends - they always adopt a really dodgy Irish/American accent which they seem to feel adds sophistication and drama to their make-believe games.

English: Portrait of a Plains zebra Equus quag...
English: Portrait of a Plains zebra
not a zeebra!
(Photo credit: Wikipedia)
I think it's quite poignant that in writing this post to whine about zeeeebras ( it's a Zebra!) and fries (chips!) and chips (crisps!!!!) the in-text link box is busy giving me links to translate my English expressions into Americanisms! Click on nappy and see what it says!

And talking of Zebras I told off DS#1 only this morning for showing his sister a picture of a "zeeebra" he had earned on Pixel People.  Yes, Pixel People. He admits it's sad, but he has no internet in his flat (see? flat. Not apartment) but he's visiting us therefore has my wifi available to abuse and he's making the most of it. If in fact exchanging hearts to earn yourself a pixelated walrus is making the most of it.

I'm sure as time passes and the world gets even smaller "English" as a language will evolve still further as it always has and our language will blend still further with our American cousins.
But for now I will be pedantic and point out at every opportunity. It's not a trunk, it's a boot. It's not a parking lot, it's a car park. It's not a drug store, it's a chemist. It's not a vacation it's a holiday, It's not gas, it's petrol. Sweets not candy, underground not subway, postman not mailman. Pants are what you wear under your trousers and I walk on the pavement not the sidewalk.
And finally, it's not garbage I'm writing it's rubbish - and if you don't like it - Bite me!

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