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On a day out in London recently I was doing that thing you do on the tube and gazing aimlessly around trying hard not to make eye contact with any potential nutters who might end up being sufficiently encouraged to come over and lick your face.

My eyes were drawn ( as they are meant to) to the adverts and notices above peoples heads. There was a sign from London Transport listing what to do, or not do, in an emergency.
It said;

Well how depressing, I thought. Yes, it's sensible advice I'm sure in the case of an accidents in the Underground but luckily in any disaster there is usually at least one person who ignores this notice.
We had a house fire in our street a few years ago and two of my neighbours went into the house and dragged the occupant out. It was lucky for the man they saved that they hadn't seen this sign.

You hear of people all over the world who risk life and limb to save people in floods, fires, earthquakes, road accidents, train crashes....
 It's in the nature of so many humans to want to help their fellow man even when it puts them in personal danger.

Even in my own life I think of the many life experiences where if there had been one of these signs I would have barged past it.

I got engaged after 6 weeks. That was quite a risk given the current divorce statistics. But my gut instinct was good and we have been happily married for 21 years.

Having 7 children carried risks, especially when you bear in mind they were all delivered by Caesarian section.
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There is risk and caluculated risk and after discussions with supportive medical staff who knew my body literally inside and out we took it. I wouldn't advise trying it without the support of your consultant but I'm very glad we did.

We have been told that we risked not being able to give our large brood of children great holidays, a
enough attention, or even enough love.
But anyone who has children can tell you there is always enough love. Love stretches wider and wider and grows bigger with every baby born. And the great thing about having 7 children is that I get 7 lots of love in return.
As for attention they seem to be doing OK so far. People are constantly telling us how well behaved, happy, polite and well balanced they are so we must be doing something right. And holidays? I don't think a good childhood can be judged on how many stars your hotel had.

Adventurers and extreme sports fanatics thrive on risk. When we were younger DH and I enjoyed hot air ballooning. Risk after risk but again with care and knowledge the risks were minimized and the worst we ever endured was a grazed face for my DH sustained during a rough draggy landing after a high speed flight across the English Channel. And I lost my eyebrows in an accident on a windy day helping to tether a balloon in front of tens of thousands of people at Bristol Balloon Fiesta. Both experiences were worth the minor injuries!

So as I sat on the Tube looking at the sign above our heads I decided that I would carrying on living my life as I always have - taking risks.

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