Morris Men and Bike Baskets

Not for the first time, this week I found myself wondering how on earth my life ended up like this.

I was bought up in the Black Country- a huge conurbation of towns in the Midlands- and am still proud of my YamYam origins but have lived for the last 20-odd (and I mean odd!) years living in a little village flanked by farmland and woodland.

My Home
My first "how on earth" moment came after a last minute decision recently to have a barbecue. Some friends were leaving for a long visit to the States so I invited a couple of other friends round to see them off. One of my friends offered to contribute some food so I went to pick it up. On my bike. Which has a wicker basket on front.

This is a bit Home Counties even for me  - a neighbour rang my mobile in fits of laughter as she spotted me cycling with my basket filled with freshly picked produce from the vicarage garden. She has threatened to take photos but I said not until I get the Cath Kidston birds dress and a pinny.

I had a meeting this week - planning a church service. This is not that unusual for me - I have been a churchgoer my whole life although I only got really involved in ministry in the last few years.
But as I sat in the kitchen (near the AGA of course) in a beautiful centuries-old house and sang hymns and worked out an order of service I had another little "how did I get here" moment.

Aldbury Morris Men
It was thirsty work! So we stopped off at our local pub for some refreshments.
And this is where I had a real woah! moment. The pub was packed with Morris Dancers and folk singers, people with accordian-type instruments and recorders. It was there end of season knees-up. My DH and his friend were right in the middle of things happily downing pints of real ale.

My friend and I squeezed onto a bench next to them and soon were crooning along to some ancient folk songs - never heard 'em before but the chorus's are easy to pick up. And I had so much fun!

I had a bit of an out-of-body experience and the teenage me floated above the busy pub and laughed and pointed just a little bit. But I didn't care! I've never been the cool kid and I've come to terms with that.

So. My name is madmumof7. My best friend is a vicar. I like Morris Men and folk music, floral handbags and wicker baskets on old lady bikes. And I love my odd rural life. Although as a teen in the Midlands I never thought my life would turn out like this....
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