What's the Story? Son running in the Sun.

I love this picture. I took it at the weekend at Cheltenham Racecourse, just with my smartphone.
We had just finished a picnic after browsing a huge car boot sale and the kids were playing in the sun.

We heard a "toot-toot" and realised there was a steam train from the GWR just over the brow of the slight hill so the children (5 in pic if you look carefully!) had run to see it. Then they ran back towards us and I snapped this picture.

One of the reasons I love this picture so much is because it's a rare picture of DS#3 running.

You can see his sister (next to him) loves to run - she's very good at it.  But he rarely runs - he was crippled by Vertebral Osteomylitis as a toddler which left two vertebra "moth-eaten" (consultants description) and damage to his bones in his arms and legs. He was in hospital for a long time.We were told by his doctors he might never walk. He proved them wrong but he suffers from almost constant back and leg problems and is often unable to walk with the pain.

On this day he could run.

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