#What's the Story? Travelling Tank

Those of you living in civilised areas are probably looking at this and wondering what you are looking at. On the back of my friend's pick-up is a heating oil tank - our new heating oil tank to be precise.

Until recently there was no gas supply to our village and we all had to use heating oil. It has its advantages - no standing charges, you only pay for what you use. And it used to be cheap.
Now of course it's a different story - oil is stupidly expensive but it would cost thousands to convert our heating   system to gas so we are kinda stuck with it.

Our old metal storage tank was rusting and verging on dangerous (filling it risked leaks or even worse a full breach) so we endured a winter with no central heating.
Luckily working on a farm recently, DH was offered a much newer bonded plastic one for free from the farmer who no longer needed it.
It's been sitting in our front garden waiting for the harvest (ooh we sound a bit Archers here don't we?) so we could access our back garden through the field.

DH spoke to the landowner and the farmer on the day the combines arrived to harvest the rape out back - he was told we had 48 hours to move the tank before the field was re-ploughed - they don't hang about these days!

Cue frantic texts being sent to our friends to form a hasty working party. The "boys" gathered and the tank was duly loaded onto the pick-up and driven carefully across the bumpy stubble. Even so, the tank slipped slightly and the picture shows my DH walking with one hand on the tank - supporting it? What he thought he could do if the extremely heavy tank slipped I don't know!

now what?
It made it safely to the back of the house where DH had already removed the fence and our gang of helpers manoeuvred it into place next to the old tank.

There was much head-scratching and discussions, the outcome of which means I now have not one but two tanks in my back garden and still no heating!

Ah well, I'm sure the next installment (or should that be un-installment?) will make a blog post another day!

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