What's the Story?

We are lucky enough to live near the extremely bizarre Walter Rothschild Museum, an outpost of the National History Museum.

Long story short, Lord Rothschild (1868-1937) was an eccentric zoologist who travelled the world collecting animals.

There are pictures of him with zebras harnessed up to a carriage - the story goes that he took them to Buckingham Palace to prove that zebras could be tamed.

His legacy is a gorgeous Victorian building stuffed (no pun intended) to the rafters with animals, birds, insects and every other kind of living creature you can imagine.

And because they are all dead (stuffed by taxidermists a century or more ago) it means little kids can get really close and see the detail of feathers, claws and fur.

Mostly they are behind glass but there's a badger out for kids to get up close and personal.  My "what's the story?" picture this week is from a recent visit to the (free) museum when Grumpy stopped mid hurtle (long corridors make for good hurtling) to stop and admire this badger while I had a sit down!.
Grumpy was fascinated by the texture of the fur, and the animal's  shiny claws and spent quite a while "chatting" to his new dead friend.

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