Lunchbox Love

 MY children have always taken packed lunches to school so I am always on the lookout for new, better ways to pack them.

I have tried cling film, foil, ziplock bags, bags with novelty stickers, old takeaway boxes and a variety of plastic boxes in varying sizes.

I have a cupboard overflowing with pots and boxes and spend a considerable amount of time each morning matching lids to pots and stuffing the children's bags with a variety of containers to try and ensure their food stays intact, fresh and accessible.

So I was happy to be asked to try out the Munchkin Bento Mealtime set - an eight-piece combination of containers and a spoon and fork cleverly designed to fit into one box with a securely sealing Click Lock™ lid.

At first glance I loved the set. I loved the two little pots inside to put grapes, ham, mini sausages or grated cheese or whatever into. I liked the bright colour (the set is also available in blue or pink) and I loved the simple touch of having a special area on the base to write your child's name on! 

My younger daughter (aged 7) had a friend (aged 6) round to play the day it arrived and they were excited to explore the box too - and that is where we hit upon a problem. Neither of them could open the box without help! And once I'd helped them open it they had trouble getting the little containers in and out of it, even with their teeny fingers.

I figured that wouldn't matter too much - after all at school there are lunchtime supervisors and if you were using it for babies or toddlers you would open it yourself.

On the first day of school I emptied out the mini containers and filled them and the main compartment with tasty treats and a carton of apple juice for my 5 year old.  I struggled to replace the main green lid  - took out the little boxes, swapped them about and put them in again and it went on OK. It was a great fit in his insulated lunchbag and I knew he'd enjoy eating out of the pots and compartments.

After school I washed it in the dishwasher and replaced the bits to put away for the next day. Maybe I'm dim (well there was no need to agree so quickly!) but once again I struggled with the main lid.

I think the little pots have to go in the right way before the lid fits. The integrated fork and spoon also have to go in the right way into the clips on the inside of the lid but there are handy etched pictures inside to show you exactly where they go. Useful if you are a rushed, stressed (and blonde) mum like me!

So the lid thing is bit of a pain and the tiny pots can be a bit fiddly but I'm sure I'll learn the knack and once the locking lid is on it is a very secure fit which would definitely mean food would stay fresh and in the box!

On the whole I like the box - DH really likes it and is hoping Grumpy gets bored with it soon as although it is marketed as ideal for early weaning up to toddler meals he thinks it is perfect for his lunch even though he is in his 50's!

The Click Lock™ Bento Mealtime Set is priced at £7.99. For stockists visit  
Disclaimer: madmumof7 was sent this mealtime set free of charge. Opinions as always are my own and not influenced by this  fact. 

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