#MagicMoments -Two down.....

Happy Birthday
It's official. I now have two children who are in fact, officially adults.

DS#1 was 18 in June last year (2012) and this weekend DS#2 celebrated his 18th birthday  officially becoming a grown-up!

Is it just me that relives each child's birth story every year? Even the night before DS#2's birthday this year I reminisced about a long-ago takeaway. On the way to the hospital all those years ago we parked in a leafy lay-by to wolf down fish and chips, my last meal before the enforced starvation required before my planned C-section.
In the old days at my local hospital you had to starve at least 24 hours before the op and couldn't eat for at least 24 hours after the delivery so I wanted my last meal to be a good one!

Anyway, back to present day. Over the past few weeks because DS#2 is a sixth form student most of our conversations have revolved round university choices. All being well this time next year he will be moving out and I have been feeling quite sad about the thought of my second bird flying from my (still overcrowded) nest.

Fish and chips, a popular take-away food of th...
Fish and chips(Photo; Wikipedia)
On Sunday we took him out to lunch as a treat for his birthday, enjoying a bit of time with him before he went out to celebrate his 18th with his friends.

And I reflected on the fact that next year I probably wouldn't see him at all on his birthday, depending where he ends up to continue his education.

We dropped him off at his mate's house but I didn't have chance to feel too melancholy about losing a son as the one that left home this time last year sent a text asking if we were busy. So we dropped one off and picked up the other and as I type he is happily ensconced on my sofa, abusing my internet as usual, having already been through the fridge and loaded my washing machine.

I sound like I'm complaining but I couldn't be happier - it was just what I needed today. The reminder that our children might be classed as adults in the eyes of the law, but to me they always just be my children. And sometimes they still want their mum - even if it just to make them a cuppa and provide the broadband.
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