Whats The Story? Sleeping Schoolboy 23/9/13

My little man started primary school a few weeks ago, the day after he celebrated his 5th birthday.

He is still not too sure he likes it. I asked him what he thought about being at school and he answered:" The trouble is Mummy, it takes all day!"

And that's the thing - it does take all day and at the end of it he is exhausted.

So I have been doing my best to make sure he has his tea and bath before he crashes - not always easy when you have another 5 or 6 children to deal with too.

Afterschool clubs, playdates, curriculum meetings etc all get in the way of a routine, and on the day this photograph was taken I was not as organised as usual so while I went upstairs to fetch clean pyjamas he fell asleep, curled up on a comfy chair.

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