What's The Story? Timber!

For quite some time we have been debating whether to take down a tree in our garden. It was blocking lots of light and encroaching further and further into our limited space and threatening to grow into our wooden gazebo.

There were pros and cons. Pros; more light and space. Cons; firstly, I don't like felling trees on principle and secondly, this tree was a Christmas tree we had bought when we were first married. It was in a pot with a little rootball so I planted it on a whim, never thinking it would take - and it grew! And grew and grew! 

But it really had to go- a friend of ours who manages woodland also advised us to chop it - so last week DH and his friend fired up their chainsaws and - "Timber!"

DH laid a little patio for my shabby chic bench in the reclaimed space and said he would leave the stump as a table - just big enough to hold a wine glass and a lantern.

I saw him crouching by the stump and discovered he was carving a heart on it for me! All together now aaaaaah/bleugh (whatever your take is on soppy gestures.)

So now in that corner of our garden we have sunshine, space and a lasting tribute to our relationship - and hopefully no more dropped pine-needles piercing our bare feet!
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