#whatsthestory The Best Chair 15/9/13

This is my youngest, my baby. The (to be honest) spoiled petit prince of my family. Pampered and indulged with varying degrees of resignation by us and his two sisters and 4 brothers.
Recently we had a bit of a tidy out and in moving furniture about found, among the sticky pennies, DS styli and dusty odd socks, Grumpy's Woody costume top and an old santa hat. Obviously Grumpy had to dress up in them both immediately!
We had moved out our puppy-chewed old leather sofas and moved in some new furniture, including this armchair and footstool.
Grumpy decided as King of our castle that this was his throne chair and promptly installed himself with his me-me (dummy) for an afternoon snooze. And being spoiled rotten we let him!

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