#whatsthestory? School for Superheroes

Just what every parent wants to hear. From school. On the second day back (after the long summer holiday) "Send the children in costume."

Insert huge sigh of exasperation here.

So the theme was superheroes. I can sense you looking at the picture now wondering who on earth they are supposed to be.

Grumpy is obviously Buzz Lightyear. He is his superhero. And he's a toy who can talk and walk so I figured it would do.

DD#2 is a Winx thingy. One of the blonde ones. She and her friends teamed up and once that little group have made their mind up it's best just to fall in line. I was quite pleased with my efforts and luckily, so was she.

DS#4 is a power ranger. Because we had been given a costume.  He didn't care really what he dressed up as and after the lengthy Winx negotiations  I'd kinda lost the will to live.

As it happened they didn't wear the costumes for long.The school had organised a lovely fun day to get the message over to the children that they were all super heroes but it was super hot that day so wherever possible they abandoned the nylon in favour of shorts and T-shirts!
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  1. they all look great, just a pity the school hadnt given you more time.. bad timing on their part but at least the little ones had fun

  2. Ha! My boy is gutted he can't wear a super hero costume to school - he needs to be with your lot!

  3. They look amazing, you did a fabulous job even more so in the time! They must have been delighted at going to school as superheroes despite being a tad warm! What a great post. Thank you so much for sharing with #whatsthestory

  4. They look great, especially the Power Ranger - lucas is very jealous!!!!!!

  5. They had a great time -some people had gone to great lengths and I always feel a bit guilty but they were very happy with their outfits. Thanks for reading and commenting.

  6. now they look like a bundle of fun and very adorable

  7. Ah don't they look sweet?! Made me laugh when you said school had said to go in costumes.... they have no consideration for all the rummaging one has to do sometimes for this kind of thing, at least they didn't mind! How funny that I put a pic up this week of mine in superhero costumes... great minds and all that?!!!! x


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