Cold, Frankincense and Me.

CAN you imagine what the bathroom is like in my house with 8 of us fighting for space, warm water and some privacy? Factor in the tired tiles, cheap carpet and the occasional mildewy spot  and to be frank it's not exactly spa like. At least my eldest has left home so there's not 9 of us sharing one shower any more!

feeling a bit rough!
So this tired mum of 7 has to work hard to feel pampered in this environment, especially this week after the temperature plummeted and I developed a nasty cold.

Luckily Laura, a friend from my children's school playground is an independent consultant offering  Neal's Yard Remedies through the social selling channel NYR Organic. Hearing me sniffing and coughing she offered to help me out with some advice for the winter months.

Over a nice cuppa she talked me through the range and here, now, are my top recommendations for the coming party season to help you get through even when you are suffering with terrible skin, a snotty cold and achy feet.

When I think of Neal's Yard I think of creams and lotions. I am beyond addicted to their Frankincense range but hadn't realised the company also offers organic teas, nutritional support supplements and herbal remedies!  Laura treated me to a sample of the eucalyptus salve and even through my blocked nose I could smell the stimulating and warming aromatic blend - which was much nicer than the greasy stuff my gran might have recommended rubbing on my chest!
It made me keen to try the organic elderberry syrup as the one I currently use is quite revolting and  I have to buy one for me and another for the children.The Neal's Yard version is  described as "delicious" and is suitable for adults and children from 12 months up! Just the thing to give your immune system a boost at this time of year.

Moving on, I asked Laura what she thought of my blotchy, dull, pale face. She was very polite and didn't tell me what she actually thought but helpfully recommended the organic Brightening serum and lotion. This range combines African star grass to correct skin tone with the natural moisturising properties of tara, mineral rich alfalfa and antioxidant vitamin C.
Now I am somewhat doubtful when I see adverts raving about miracle ingredients but I have to say when I tried the lotion it felt gorgeous on my skin and in my eyes I saw an immediate improvement. Subtle, but definitely an improvement. And it smelled lovely too!

I love the packaging - all recyclable.
(Pic credit; Laura Bachkauskas)
I also tried a serum. Now I am 40-mumble and things are going downhill fast skin-wise so I had already wondered about serums before Laura suggested trying one. I had previously tried a different brand's oil-based product. Nice smell, but really oily so only good for when my skin felt particularly Sahara-like.

Frankincense serum
The rejuvenating Frankincense serum I tried after my shower today was much lighter, smelled
absolutely divine (although as I have said before it is my favourite range) and immediately brightened my complexion. The packaging advises using the product twice a day - Hmm - unlikely to happen in my busy house but I would imagine consistent use would actually result in the daily radiance it promises. I'm now wondering about trying the rejuvenating Frankincense Eye and Lip serum designed to reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles whilst rehydrating and replenishing moisture levels. Santa? Are you listening?

So - it's party time! If you want luscious lips, captivating eyes, shiny, bouncy hair and flawless skin and beautifully perfumed, soft, blemish-free skin head to Laura's website where the full range of make-up, bath and shower products, perfumes, deodorants, oils and moisturisers are available to buy online. Laura's contact details are on the site if you want some advice and don't forget it's not all just for ladies! There are lots of lovely masculine products available too along with some gorgeous gift-sets if you want to do some early Festive gift-buying!

And what about when your body is starting to show signs of wear and tear after all the partying, shopping or just from being stuck indoors and the ravages of central heating?
Maybe try Beauty Sleep Concentrate for night-time regeneration, Power Berry Facial Mask and Power Berry Complex supplements. And maybe a bath with added Seaweed and Arnica foaming bath or a few drops of an essential oil from the Neal's Yard range. Then relax with a  lovely calming, energising or balancing scented candle or reed diffuser in the room.

I could go on and on. The company has won umpteen awards and is proud to passionate about ethical, organic health and beauty. They are currently looking for people to take advantage of their free training offer and start working for them as consultants - contact Laura who will be happy to explain more.

But instead of writing more I think I'll go and smooth on some more of the lovely serum - who knows if I keep it up, I might even look like I've been to a spa as well as feeling and smelling like I have!

Disclosure: I was given a selection of free samples by NYR Organic consultant Laura  from her online store for the purposes of this post. Views and Opinions as always remain my own.

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