Magic Moments - bedroom sanctuary

There are many fantastic things about having seven children - lots of memories, happy, busy, chatty family meals,  more than the average number of amusing toddler anecdotes, amazing Christmas days and magical birthdays almost every month.
The slight cons are obviously our income has to stretch quite a long way, our small terraced house is quite cramped and the bathroom is always busy!Our home has three bedrooms but a few years ago we turned our one large bedroom into two smaller rooms with a stud (wooden frame and plasterboard) wall. 
hurricane lamp with pebbles
shabby chic bowl on slate tile
on old pine coffee table painted slate grey

It meant I had a little en-suite nursery so in the night I could feed babies without disturbing my hard-working husband, and could sleep myself, safe in the knowledge that I could hear baby cry but not every snuffle and squeak which left me unable to settle to sleep.When my last baby graduated to a bed we moved into our middle sized room putting a set of bunk-beds in each of the "rooms" in our divided room. It meant two children had to walk through one room to theirs but gave them more privacy on the whole.
Then my eldest left home, moving into his own flat, and the next one down moved into the "annexe" (a vintage caravan in our garden). And discussing universities for our 18-year-old my DH suddenly realised we could have our bedroom back.

This was especially exciting for me since as I hope to turn my blog into my business, the larger bedroom would give me the space and peace I need to work. I can work downstairs but the constant cries of: "Mummy can I have...?" or "Mummy look at this." were very distracting! So last week  DH dismantled the wall and we had one hellish evening where we had a huge move-around and now all I have to do is add finishing touches.I moved decorative shabby chic bits from other parts of the house and lovely friends have given me curtains and paint.
 I bought a lovely glider chair off eBay which I teamed with an Ikea footstool, a throw and a comfy cushion. And I'm sitting here now, comfortable, in peace, still with bare plaster on the walls but the promise of a sanctuary I hope will improve my productivity and creativity. And the children will be happy because they can watch their annoying TV programmes without me whining at them to, "turn it down - mummy is trying to work!"
lovely view

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