Magic Moments- Proud Mother Moment

A few weeks ago I wrote about my three youngest children who were chosen to appear in an film advertising a product I was not allowed to reveal!

My young actors
And I'm sure you have been wondering since then (not!) what the product was and are probably right now on the edge of your seats waiting for the big reveal of the advert.... No? Oh well, sorry I'm a proud mum and you are going to have to put up with me being boring for a minute.

The client was  (insert drum roll here) Proctor and Gamble, and the film(s) were to advertise Flash Liquid Gel on their Supersavvyme website.

I had no idea what to expect as I had been banished to the "Green Room" while the children were being filmed.

And anyone who has ever tried to get their child to tell them what they had for lunch at school knows it is harder to get reliable information out of children than it is to get 007 to 'fess up state secrets.

Anyway, The ads are in the form of short films where a selection of children chat to camera. My daughter is blonde with a side plait in a light pink floral dress. Her older brother is next to her in all their scenes. My youngest (Grumpy) is also blonde and wearing a white long sleeved T-shirt with a knitted waistcoat. They are dotted throughout all four films so if you really have nothing better to do, humour a proud mum and take a look......

I was delighted with how the ad came out but my children were disappointed their art session wasn't featured. My daughter watched it through her fingers with cries of "how embarrassing!" and DS#4 just thinks they are hilarious. Grumpy watched all four films silently and then asked if he could use the ipad now and play Sonic Rush. Not easily impressed that one.

I'm glad we did it, it was a great life experience for them, and in fact for me too. Am now sitting waiting for Spielberg to call........

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