Save a Baby with Just One Click......

Over the past 19 years I reckon I have got through a fair sized mountain of nappies. Don't all tut at once - I have always used disposables which, by the way, have got progressively thinner, more effective and more attractive over the years.

But I'm not writing today about the pros and cons of nappy types, or to recommend you choose reuseable over disposable. To each, their own.

No, whatever you cover your baby's bum in, from now on you can do your bit to support mothers and their babies in developing countries with Pampers and UNICEF.

You might have heard of the 1 pack=1 vaccine  campaign where for each specially marked pack of nappies you buy, Pampers donate the cost of one vaccine to help UNICEF in the fight against maternal and newborn Tetanus (MNT).

But during October, November and December 2013 even if you use cloth nappies, are way past the stage of nappy buying, or are far too young to be thinking about it, you can help with a simple "click". More on this in a min! Please bear with me and read on!

I was very privileged to be invited to meet UNICEF ambassador Emma Bunton recently (formerly known as Baby Spice! (insert excited "squeee!" here) who explained why this campaign is so important.

I learned that an  estimated that 58,000 babies a year die from MNT which is caused by bacteria in soil. Newborns are often affected by unhygienic birth practices but the disease can be prevented through a simple vaccine given to pregnant women and those of child-bearing age.

Mums in developing countries often walk miles and/or days to receive these precious immunisations from trained volunteers who themselves often have a difficult journey to reach the people needing the medication.

Shown the amount of kit these people have to carry - cool box, meds, sharps, share box, soap, water.... (the list went on), and learning of the determination of the mums who will do their utmost to protect their babies I felt very humble.

I am ashamed to say I used to moan about the inconvenience of having to attend my GP surgery on a Tuesday afternoon when the  "jabs" were offered.  I complained that the time clashed with nap-time and school run. All I had to do was drive there, walk from the car park with my baby in a safety approved carry-able cosy car seat, and sit in an either heated, or air conditioned clean room (depending on season) flicking through magazines while I waited my turn for the huge range of inoculations my children have been lucky enough to have been offered. The nerve of the NHS!  I'm embarrassed now at my insistence that the nurse do my children's inoculations at a time to suit me - and still harrumphed at the wait at the doctors!

I was glad to learn that even though my "baby" is past the nappy and even potty stage thankfully, I can still do my bit to help mums who aren't as lucky as me.  All I (and you!) have to do is watch these videos which I have linked to below from UNICEF's You Tube channel.

For every view or share, Pampers will donate a vaccine.
It's 1 View=1 Vaccine and 1 Share+1 Vaccine.
So please. Do this.  Through schemes like this MNT has already been eliminated in 10 of the poorest countries but there are still babies in 30 desperately poor countries at risk from this fatal but preventable disease. What are you waiting for? Click, watch (you might need Adobe Flash!) and share- off you go.........

  If you can't see the videos, or can and want to do more - visit to see the difference you can make.
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