What to wear.....

Is it me or has it suddenly turned blooming cold?

This time last week I was swanning around the big smoke wearing short sleeves and wishing I had not chosen fur-lined ankle boots as my feet were, frankly, quite sweaty.

I know it's always warmer in London, and positively boiling underground there but still, it was unseasonably balmy.

Me in my gilet and gnome hat.
With my best friend Claudia in snowy
Germany in December 2012
Today, just 7 days later everything has changed.

I walked into the playground this morning and spotting my friend wearing her knitted ear-warmer headband thingy, asked if she had changed her mind about visiting the local hobby emporium for cake decorating shizzle and decided we were going skiing instead.

I was teasing, OK totally taking the p*ss, but underneath my sarcastic tone there was more than a hint of envy.

I had walked out of the house wearing cute furry ankle boots, skinny jeans, thick socks, layered vest top and fine-knit jumper combo a padded gilet. I felt I looked nice but due to a bitter wind had actually lost all sensation in my hands and was wishing I had topped the whole outfit with my favourite knitted hat. You know, the one my kind (tall) friend told me made me look like a pixie. Or gnome. I get it. I'm short.

But I'm British so instead of stopping en route to the hobby place to pick up a more sensible coat and/or gloves I decided to brave the weather. A decision I regretted still more when we got to our nearby town and the rain started to fall.

Since I do feel the cold terribly and it seems to affect my fibromyalgia I really should always venture out in nothing less than arctic explorer-style clothing. But I'm vain and refuse to admit I am not a teenager, impervious to all outdoor climate conditions but in fact a middle aged woman afflicted with aches and pains. So I more often than not choose looks over practicality.

This includes a general refusal to wear wellingtons. I hate them. I don't care how fashionable they are now, and how many different styes there are. If it's wet I'm either going in the car or not going out.
DD's snowgear. Complete with bunny ears.
I did break this rule briefly for dog-walking purposes after a lovely friend treated me to a pair of pink-fur-lined wellies for my 40th. They were warm, comfortable and I actually liked them a lot but when they perished that was the end of my welly-wearing period.

I do own a fabulous long, red, quilted hooded coat which reaches almost to my ankles. Bought for a trip to Germany which was experiencing sub-zero temperatures at the time it is cosy as toast -and has the added benefit of demonstrating to me what I will look like when I am 80. If I added velcro booties, a headscarf and a tartan blanket my look would be complete. But donning it is almost as comforting as slipping under a cosy duvet. I actually look like I'm wearing a cosy duvet mind.....

So as winter approaches and the weather deteriorates still further the daily decision about what to wear will become tougher. And realistically I know that it won't be long before every day is a duvet day.

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