Teenager Time - including a review of a "Balloon Baboon" handmade gift.

Three times previously we had waited for our scan, wondering if the sonographer would be able to see a burger bun or hot dog. Twice previously we had been told:"It's a boy!" and once we had to wait until the actual delivery to find out we had another male heir.

I wanted a girl. I couldn't tell you why and of course I love my boys with the passion only normally demonstrated by a scary lioness. It was just a gut feeling that I wanted a  girl too.

My name was called. We went into the room and I revealed my already huge bump. The gel hit my belly. The sonographer peered at the screen and turned to me with a smile.
"I can't ever be 100 per cent positive but I'm as certain as I can be - It's a girl!"
aged 7

I didn't quite believe her, couldn't quite trust my ears and during subsequent scans the inhabitant of my womb refused to co-operate by giving us a good shot of her lower regions to give me the second opinion I wanted so it was her birth-day before I could see the sonographer was right - it was a girl!

This baby, my daughter, the first of just two girls in our brood of 7 children, was 13 this week. Thirteen! How did that happen?

I wanted to make it a special day for her and was delighted when I was contacted by the lovely people at Balloon Baboon wondering if I would be interested in reviewing one of their unusual balloon-based gifts.

I had a peek at their website and was instantly hooked! You would not believe what these people can create from balloons! Flower bouquets, tiaras, cartoon characters, sculptures large and small. Amazing!
I asked if they could make my daughter a giraffe - she is mad about giraffes - and they came straight back to say they'd love to.

I told a few people about the surprise I had arranged- some looked a bit doubtful. I began to wonder if DD would be unimpressed. I had the original conversation with the balloon baboon people weeks ago and wondered if they would even remember her order.

I should have had more faith. I had a nice chatty email earlier this week checking our address and sure enough, bang on time on the day a large box addressed to the birthday girl was delivered by 1st class post.

She had no idea what was inside but her face was a picture when she saw her giraffe. And neither of us were expecting the bonus tiny balloon baboon holding a card wishing her "happy birthday" in his mouth! Balloon Baboon say there unique gifts come with a "smile guarantee" and as you can see DD's giraffe definitely made her smile.

The sculptures truly are a work of art - detailed and so unusual - DD could not wait to show all her visitors her giraffe. DD summed it up with just one word - AWESOME!

To make her day complete my talented friend Jane had made her a fabulous penguin cake (another of her favourite creatures!) and we treated DD to a takeaway after a trip to school for parents evening!

It sounds an awful way to spend your birthday evening but all her teachers were so complimentary it was actually a pleasure and she came away even more smiley than usual - and that's saying something!

Her turning teen treats continue this week with a sleepover with a family friend who is planning to spoil her with pampering treats, her favourite meal and a DVD then we are meeting up with her best friend who recently moved away for a shopping trip and lunch.

The celebrations finally end on Saturday night when she is having some friends over for pizza, popcorn, more sweets than you can shake a stick at and a Dr Who/Harry Potter marathon.

I look at my bright bubbly blonde daughter who is rapidly growing taller than me and can't quite believe it has been 13 years since I first held her in my arms. Happy Birthday gorgeous girl- I love you.
Disclaimer: My daughter received a giraffe balloon animal (usually retailing at £15.45) free from Balloon Baboon for the purposes of this review. Views and opinions remain unbiased and our own.Enhanced by Zemanta