Festive Fails- #whatsthestory

A while ago I wrote a post about Festive fails- where retailers do their best to make something festive which really could have done without the addition of holly or a cheery robin. You may recall me wondering if I would be able to find festive tampons with the slogan:"Merry Bleeding Christmas!"

Sadly I didn't but here today are photographs of my two favourite festive fails from Christmas 2013.

The first is self-explanatory. I don't often shop in this store but had gone with friends in search of a chocolate dipping dessert (which was very nice by the way!) and walking in, spotted their slightly tragic attempts to decorate the entrance to the lift. It's like they've tried to create the illusion that this tinselly archway is a magical portal to Narnia or somewhere equally exciting. And failed.

My second Festive fail  is this one below - spotted on our way to an electronic store just outside Hemel Hempstead last week. Can you guess what shop this is, decorated so nicely with fake snow sprayed carefully and artistically in each and every one of the tiny window panes?

Yes, that's right. It's the local sex shop. We didn't venture inside to see what else they had given a Christmas twist to - let's face it there are some personal gadgets that probably shouldn't be trimmed with holly (ouch!). But I loved the fact that the owners had tried to create an Olde Worlde Christmas vibe for those looking for a, well, vibe I suppose.
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This post is part of the #whatsthestory linky run by the lovely Charly Dove at PODcast. I have very much enjoyed thinking up posts for this particular linky so ThankYou Charly for all the fun I've had with it so far - looking forward to 2014!