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This Christmas was all set to be a bit - well, pants to be honest.

Due to the fact that DH is re-training part time and work in his other job has been a bit quiet we have less income than ever before in our married life. And frankly we've never had a lot.

My blogging efforts helped a teeny bit - it felt good to be feeling like I was contributing a little even if that little was just being able to "re-gift" blogger review and goody bag items!

But at the end of the day we were facing Christmas with no spare cash and the prospect of 2 weeks with no income at all. I was dreading it.

But I had forgotten how much fun you can have with no money. No, you filthy minded folks we have not spent the two weeks in bed! We have spent it with our friends.

Yes, the (enforced) Christmas holidays have been a whirl of one laughter-filled session after another. We've played games, had the now world-famous Christmas cake competition, eaten a lot of shared "leftovers" meals and pooled ingredients to make up simple suppers.

I'd love to show you some of the pictures from the last two weeks but my friends are not keen on being on the internet and I respect that. So I'm hoping you can tell how happy they made us from the picture of us laughing, taken on New Year's Eve at a less than serious wine-tasting in a friend's cellar.

This time next year I am hoping that DH will be earning more from his new engineering trade, and that my blog will have gone from strength to strength and I will be earning more too. I am also hoping we will be able to sit in the conservatory that is currently piled in pieces in my back garden but that's a story for another day!

But for now, I want to wish all of you a Happy New Year -and remind you that when things look bleak there are always people around you to help you smile through the rubbish times.

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