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My youngest child is five years old and I'll hold my hands up and admit - I treat him like a baby. Spoiled, indulged and allowed to get away with things I never would have tolerated in his siblings. But he's my baby.....

Grumpy Aged 2

But this last few months I've been letting go and treating him more like the schoolboy he is. And it became apparent to me this Easter holiday that he has given up the last ties to babyhood really well.

dummy,  buggy,  drinking cup

- On a recent visit to Birdworld I took none of the above! To be fair I haven't taken the pushchair anywhere for a while which feels really weird after 19 years of having one in front of me to hang bags and picnics off! Of course I have replaced it with my immensely stylish shopper trolley but still, I confess I do miss having a pram or stroller of some sort.

 But Grumpy jumped and skipped and ran without a single moan about being tired and no-one had to give him a piggy back even though it was a long and tiring day.

Grown-up Grumpy at Birdworld

He didn't once ask for his me-me (dummy/soother) even though he knows I always try to keep an emergency one in my bag. I know- I'm an unfit mother. He never has it at school but I occasionally spot him catching a quick dummy-fix in the daytime if he's at home.  He did ask for it in the car on the way home from Birdworld but he was so tired I let him have it. Again, I know - unfit mother!

A helping hand from FDIL
I am very glad to have abandoned the so-called no-spill toddler bottle/cup thingys. He just had a drink with lunch like everyone else and I didn't need to take snacks either - I've found he started to eat his main meals much better once I dropped the mid-morning and mid-afternoon snack.

So I'm not sure this post is to congratulate him or me. I'm a bit sad my baby days are over but very happy to be able to just walk out of the door with my handbag without checking the contents of a giant "baby bag" for enough supplies for a Polar expedition.

Until I get grandchildren.......

3 Children and It
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  1. Well I can imagine that you're sad and proud all at the same time. After 7 children, this actually must be a real heart-wrench. I think we're all guilty of babying our last one a little bit but you have every right! Lovely post and thanks for linking up to #loudnproud

  2. I guess the youngest one will always be your baby! x

  3. Well done to you both! My youngest is very much my baby still, the very thought of her starting nursery in September has me welling up with tears. #loudandproud

  4. This is a tough one isn't it! I've been thinking about the 'lasts' with my littlest too. Lovely post x #loudnproud

  5. fab, i cant imagine being buggy free. Erin at four is not able to walk far!

    1. Its odd isn't it the massive gap between what they can do at 4 and 5 - that's a huge year!

  6. Well done to you and him for letting these things go! I've only got three, but even so I know my daughter has been treated much more like a baby and still has a lot of rides on Daddy's shoulders. Those baby cups lasted a lot longer for her than her brothers too because I wasn't willing to force her to give them up.

  7. I think you both get a pat on the back - in fact, I've noticed that in most of our loud n proud posts that it is a toss up whose achievement the post is about, parent or child! It's hard to let our babies grow up, well done on letting go!

  8. Well done to both of you, definitely something to be proud of x

  9. Well done to you both! I dream of the days of going out with just a handbag! X

  10. Aew..welcome to kidhood! Congrats to the both of you =) #MagicMoments

  11. awww honey its so hard to let go of the baby stage! i think a little spoiling is a must! ;-)

    thanks for linking up with #MagicMoments

  12. Awww it is hard to let go! with my oldest I was all for getting rid of everything and him being independent then when I had my 2nd, I really did baby him ALOT, and it was such a sad day when his pushchair went for good, it was strange after 7 years of using one to then it was gone! haha.. Now my 3rd baby is here, im even worse with her :/ hehe but they our babies and will be even when they 30 and got kids of their own :) (I cant wait for the grandchildren either hehe) #MagicMoments

  13. Oh hun - Halfway through this post, I was gonna mention Grandchildren!!!!!! Bless - you have 7 most gorgeous children xx #magicmoments

  14. Must be odd not having a pushchair after 19 years! I have only had one for 5 and a bit years and cannot imagine living without it. Seven children lady, you have 7 children and you are certainly not an unfit mother! Mel #MagicMoments

  15. Thankyou all for such lovely comments - I seem to have had a bit of an emotional weekend with all my children looking at my last few posts! *sobs quietly into her gin*

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