Passing on parenting advice plus an announcement about #BiBs2014

It started with a few words, a turn of phrase. Talking to my children I could hear myself echoing things my mother used to say to me when I was a child.
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The first time was on the school run. One of my children - I forget which one - was walking along with one side practically glued to the walls we passed. It was like he and the houses were magnetic. I could hear the fabric of his new school jacket scraping along. And I said:"Don't do that - you'll make your coat all dirty."

A very young madmumof7 -not caring about dirty coats
He didn't quite manage an eye roll but his expression said it all. And it took me right back to when my mum used to say the same thing. And I can remember being that child thinking:"Yeah? And? You'll wash it and it'll be clean again." But I still hear myself saying it, as my own mother did, on practically a daily basis.

Over the years, bringing up 7 children I have parroted my mum many times, mainly because often what she said to me was common sense and bears repeating to my own tribe.

I've learned a few parenting tips from other mums - a niece  told her children that the signs on those rides outside supermarkets said "out of order" - I like that one.  I've heard other mums confess they have told their youngsters that the ice-cream van playing a tune means it has run out of ice-cream, or that it is not in fact an ice-cream van but a special ambulance for children! Hmm - not sure I'd manage that fib with a straight face!

I also decided not to copy this gem from another friend - she told a very small boy of around 2 years old that if he fiddled with his willy any more a bird would fly down and peck it off!! I prefer using  my slightly Joyce Grenfell voice to tell the fiddling child: "Don't do that in public darling."  I do wish my 19 year old would take my advice..... (only kidding!)

My mum told me many times that a certain well-known fashion store produced low-quality clothing. I think the phrase was: "It'll fall apart the first time you wash it." To this day decades later I don't think I've ever set foot in the place. I recently heard myself using the same phrase to describe products from another shop to my teenage daughter.

teen on child's ride
I told him that t he sign says it's out of order
 but DS#1 doesn't believe me!
So OK, echoing top tips is understandable - but would anyone like to explain why lately, even though my mum lives more than 2000 miles away I have noticed I have started copying her gestures.

We are a family of arm-talkers. But even the way I poke at my iPad and phone is the same as my mum. DH noticed and now every time he spots me doing it he teases me terribly -"You are turning into your mother!" he announces with glee.

I catch myself gesticulating exactly like her - I don't understand why this has suddenly started to happen when we hardly ever see each other. It's odd isn't it?

I'm off to spend 10 days with her very soon - I wonder if being in close proximity I'll pick up any more of her mannerisms.  I'll let you know. In the meantime will you PLEASE walk a few inches away from the wall - you'll get your coat all dirty!

I am delighted to announce that this blog has been shortlisted in the prestigious Brilliance in Blogging Awards 1014 (#BiBs2014) in the "INNOVATE" category. There may have been a few tears and for a while I was lost for words. No, really!

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